Koi Chand Raakh Episode 12 Review: Zain’s selfishness takes his father’s life

And so, Koi Chand Rakh, enters a tragic phase with the death of Zain’s father Abrar. And even though, we’re sad, we cannot keep ourselves away from this amazing drama that brings something new with every passing episode. Brilliant direction by Siraj ul Haq and an amazing tale of passion, deceit and honesty by Maha Malik, Koi Chand Rakh is a drama you’ll itch to see, specially if you want something different on screen.

The 12th episode begins when Zain comes to his father’s room to convince him for Nishal. He shows his father his real selfish self when he tells him his plans to divorce Rabail and marry Nishal. Abrar cannot take such selfishness and has a massive heart attack. In his dying moments Zain promises his father that he will never divorce Rabail, Moreover his dying father also makes him promise that he will never meet Nishal again. Despite of Zain’s assurances, Abrar does not survive.

Poor Rabail visits her Mamo’s place just to convince Umair to continue his studies as Nishal has forced her to do so by emotional blackmailing. Nishal is a real wicked character, she tries to portray to his family that Rabail has came to disturb them and she points out that why she has gone to his room that too alone! It also influences Rabail’s Mamo’s opinion about her and he also blames her for everything!

Women at the funeral are also blaming Rabail as an ill omen for the family and Zain’s mother seems influenced by the same idea. She has been rude with Rabail throughout. Zain on the other hand is grieved. Rabail consoles him it is while talking to him that she comes to know that it was Zain’s father who selected her as Zain’s bride.

Rabail tells Zain that she has realized that no one else likes her in the house except his late father. Zain assures her that this is not the case, it is just because we are grieved. Rabail too makes Zain to promise that they both will carry their relationship till the end of their lives only this act will bring peace to his father’s soul. Zain seems convinced.

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Meanwhile, Umair is getting more and more out of control, he has started drinking and he is also indulging into drugs. He still passionately loves Rabail! Poor Umair whose life has been ruined by his own mother and sister.

For now, we’re impressed not only by the story but by brilliant acting as well. Muneeb Butt has brought his A game to Koi Chand Rakh as Umair. Ayeza Khan as the simple Rabail is amazing and so is Imran Abbas as Zain. Areeba Habib as Nishal is an eye candy for sure. So still going strong, here’s us looking forward to the next episode of Koi Chand Rakh, every Thursday on ARY Digital at 8pm.

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