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Koi Chand Rakh Episdode 14 Review: Zain feels himself divided between Rabail and Nishaal

Koi Chand Rakh one of the most engaging play whose interesting and solid plot is making the audiences hooked, has on aired another of its interesting episode. The intense tale of obsession, arrogance, sacrifice and passion is very artful scripted by the veteran writer Maha Malik and well helmed by Siraj ul Haq. Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan have given their best of the performances, where Muneeb Butt as Umair has outdone himself. Also Areeba Habib, who starred in Koi Chand Rakh as a debutante has also come at par with the actors she’s working in the drama with. All in all, Koi Chand Rakh is a rather interesting experience, a drama you’d love to watch. 

Zain is treating Rabail with the same rude attitude but now he does not feel annoyed like before, it seems like he is developing some kind of feelings towards her. However Nishal makes sure that Zain does not develop any such feeling for Rabail and starts poisoning his mind with things about his wife.


Rabail on the other hand is trying her best to keep everyone happy but she is extremely hurt the way Umair has turned out to be and she herself is feeling guilty for all this. Her heart still beats for her uncle and his family. However despite of all her attempts, Zain never talks with her in polite and affectionate manner. Zain’s sister is really sweet with her, she shares with Rabail her likeness for Zia and asks her that if she could help her in this. Rabail assures that she will fully help her in this case as she really likes the boy.


Nishal is such a witch that she abandons Zia after playing with his heart and feelings, and after using him for making her own way. She tells Zia that she does not want to keep any relation with him. Nishal meets Zain in a restaurant where once again she is successful in brainwashing him. Zain shares his thoughts that he cannot do anything bad with Rabail as it will hurt his father’s soul but she very meanly and selfishly replied that its all outdated thinking there is no connection of dead people to this world.


Zia sees Nishal and Zain professing love to each other. Zia feels shattered and decides to tell everything to Rabail. He is amazed to know that Rabail is totally unaware of the whole situation.He wants to talk with her in person but she talks about her sister in law’s likeness for him, they were talking when Zain enters and is furious to see him there. Zia tells him that he has seen him and Nishal together. Will Zia share Zain’s reality with Rabail? Watch the next episode to know more.

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