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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 1 Review: An unconventional story

This is not one of your run of the mill plots


The exciting first episode of a new drama serial ” Koi Chand Rakh” on aired yesterday.  The play is penned down by Maha Malik and it is directed by Siraj ul Haq. The main lead cast of the play includes Imran Abbas, Aiza Khan, Muneeb Butt and Areeba Habib. Koi Chand Rakh seems a very unconventional story, the likes of which we haven’t seen before. The drama is not only emotionally charged, its fast paced and filled with a lot of twists and turns.

The episode begins when a gorgeous doctor Rabail (role played by Aiza Khan) is on her duty. Rabail is not only a passionate doctor but a compassionate human being, reason, she has been brought up under the care of her mamu having lost her parents. Rabail is a loveable individual, sharing amazing bond not only with the family but also her cousin sister Nashal (Areeba Habib) and Umair (Muneeb Butt).


On the other hand we have Zain (Imran Abbas), a non serious, very arrogant and highly flirtatious individual. He promises girls to marry them and then dumps them on his own grounds. His parents want him to get married, but for Zain, its looks which matter the most. Being the non serious, irrespectful person he is, Zain doesn’t bother about anything.


Zain sees Nashal and is impressed by her looks. He’s taken well with the girl and perhaps is thinking of something with her. Its Nashal on his mind while his mother finally tells him to settle down.


This episode ends on an intense scene when Umair professes his love for Rabail which is disturbing for her as she has always thought of him as a younger brother. He further in a very passionate mood says that she  only belongs to him and that he wants to marry her.

Also in a twist of fate, Zain is thinking of Nashal as Rabail, thanks to an encounter and Zain’s father thinks of Rabail herself as the perfect match for his son. What will this miscommunication lead to? How will Rabail tackle Umair and his increasing passion? Will Zain trap Nashal or will he himself be trapped? Koi Chand Rakh has had an amazing start, the drama, high on emotions is highly engaging and we’re looking forward to this story more than ever.

Imran Abbas brings his A Game to the table as Zain. Muneeb Butt is intense. Areeba Habib endearingly sweet and Ayeza Khan, the proficient actor. Koi Chand Rakh is laced with fine performances and a story that’ll hook you right from the beginning. We’re in love!

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