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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 11 Review: Zain and Nishal have no remorse!

When will Rabail's trials be over!


What we love about Koi Chand Rakh on ARY Digital, other than its brilliant cast is its unique story line. Maha Malik has certainly created a story that’s very different from all run of the mill stories that we see every day on television. Koi Chand Rakh is a tale of trust and deceit, of love and heartbreak and of how people can absolutely destroy others for the sake of their own egos.

Over the past few episodes we have seen how, Zain and Nishal with indifference for poor Rabail, have used her as a scapegoat just to satisfy their false egos. And now, Rabail is not only trapped in a loveless marriage but she’s also subjected to hatred from Umair’s end.

Zain has a guilt attack when his father tells him that he has learnt about him and Nishaal but she comforts him by saying that they will definitely work out a way to convince Abrar for their relationship.


Zia, who had been love struck with Nishal is now realizing how she used him to get Zain jealous. Also Sobia has also guessed Zia’s obsession with Nishaal.


Nishal, who has already ruined Rabail’s life, is still plotting against her. She, on her own, goes to Rabail’s house just to convince her that she comes home to meet Umair and convince him to take care of himself and carry on his studies as he is getting out of hands and has become a chain smoker. Rabail is a bit reluctant but Nishal shamelessly reminds her of what her mother and father did for her and that she owes them. Nishal plans on scandalizing Umair and Rabail seen together.


Abrar on the other hand has realized that poor Rabail is so innocent and gem of a person and that she does not deserve his heartless son. He is actually feeling extremely guilty on his son’s conduct, Zain is completely indifferent to Rabail and it is really disturbing him. He advises Rabail to be strong and wise as she will have to face many difficulties in her marriage but she has to be believe on the holiness of this bond. Watch the next episode to know what will happen next.

For now, we’re really impressed by Imran Abbas, Muneeb Butt and Ayeza Khan’s acting skills. Areeba Habib has vastly improved and delivers convincingly as well. Koi Chand Rakh is an interesting tale and we wait to see how it will turn out for poor Rabail.

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