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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 13 Review: Nishal starts plotting against Poor Rabail

Nishaal sows a seed of doubt in Zain's heart


Another episode of Koi Chand Rakh, one of the most popular drama serials running these days got on aired. The play is a well plotted story of pride, persistence, obsession and sacrifice and has been very artfully penned down by Maha Malik who has not just crafted the plot well, but also written each character with such detailing that one is left baffled with the reality touch all of them has. Direction for the drama is also spot on by Siraj ul Haq, who brings out the best from all his actors, even the novice Areeba Habib who has debuted with Koi Chand Rakh.

The episode begins when we see that distance between Rabail and Zain is minimizing and Zain has started to have sympathetic feelings for her. Zain’s mother in law and his sister’s behavior is also normal with Rabail. His father’s words are resonating in his mind where he made Zain promise about never meeting Nishal ever again.


Zain visits Asad Uncle to discuss over some important business advises where he again encounters the cunning and wicked Nishal. Zain tries her best to avoid her but she is after him as usual and she asks him the reason about him avoiding her. Zain tells her that what ever they are doing is not right and that they are using poor Rabail as a scapegoat. Zain might have an ounce of conscience in him but its Nishal who convinces him otherwise.


While during this heated conversation Zain and Nishal see Rabail rushing into the house and going to Umair’s room where Umair is having severe stomachache.  Zain finds Umair strange and he notices that he has never seen him in a normal state. Well Rabail asks permission from Zain that she wants to stay in hospital with Umair on which Zain heartily gives him the permission but Nishal has some evil plan in her mind, she asks Zain to drop him to the house.


Well the detestable and wicked Nishal is hitting the new low, she is now planning for Rabail’s character assassination. Although Zain is reluctant but Nishal insists him to come in the house for coffee. She tells him that Rabail is the reason behind Umair’s madness, Rabail has literally ruined him. As a proof she shows him the video of Rabail’s mehendi where Umair had locked himself in the room and Rabail made him swear upon his love to open the door.

The video really makes Zain mad and it has shaken Rabail’s image too in his eyes. However he is still reluctant to give divorce to her but the way Nishal says that she will come up with solid proofs against her says that he might have a change of mind.

Imran Abbas impresses as Zain and Ayeza Khan stands out with her simple yet mature performance of Rabail. Muneeb Butt is amazing as the volatile Umair delivering a performance never seen before. Areeba Habib too is impressive as Nishal. The overall effect is of a strong cast delivering fine performances.

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