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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 16 Review: Rabail is now in real trouble

Rabail is expecting and this may save her expected ill fate


Koi Chand Rakh’s new episode went on air on Thursday and there are drastic turns in the story as all sequence of events and facts are now going against Rabail. It seems that she is going to be in real trouble. This intriguing plot is very artfully penned down by the veteran writer Maha Malik and well directed by Siraj ul Haq.

Zain’s friend Zia, says yes to Sobia’s proposal but flees on the day of engagement punishing Zain for deceiving him with Nishal. The blame falls down on Rabail for arranging the match to take revenge from Zain for a misunderstanding and nor Zain’s mother or Sobia, tries to stand up for Rabail.

Umair’s friend sends him a picture where Nishaal and Zain are having coffee in a cafe. It has made Umair extremely furious, he calls Nishaal and warns her to stay away from Rabail’s life and if she tries to snatch away Rabail’s happiness, he can go to any extent to save her. Nishaal, as vile as she is, tries to cash Umair’s threatening too in front of her parents by telling them that he made up story but Umair and Rabail come at the situation and there is a scene where Rabail is helpless watching all the scene with teary eyes and Nishaal is looking Rabail with hatred. Umair warns her that she cannot compete with these mean and selfish people.

Well Nishal as ugly self as she is, stabs at her own so called sister and cousin’s back and she gives Zain all those letters of Rabail which she used to made her write to Umair. Zain reads all those forced love letters and cards and he becomes extremely furious on it. It seems like nothing can save Rabail from divorcing her but just then Rabail receives her positive reports about expecting a baby.

What will happen next? Will Zain still leave Rabail or will he also marry Nishal? The promo for the coming week’s show Zain and Nishal’s nikkah and we’re highly excited about what will transpire between the two.

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