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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 26 Review: Zain is having regrets!

It seems the most trending drama on ARY Digital, Koi Chand Rakh, is nearing its climax. Week after week, the story line is getting more and more intense, and it seems, life will now come a full circle for all. Siraj ul Haq’s direction brings about some amazing performances from Areeba Habib, Ayeza Khan, Asma Abbas and Imran Abbas.

This week we saw, Zain’s mother, Gulshan passing away. In her last moments, Gulshan forgives Zain but it is Rabail’s forgiveness that he seeks. Having known Nishal’s truth and how she managed to convince him to marry her, breaking off with Rabail, Zain now hates Nishal from the core of his heart. He has finally realized how she took him away from his whole family and gave him an unsatisfactory life.


However, what we don’t understand is Zain’s change of heart. He must have been blinded by Nishal’s beauty but he did have his own heart and mind to think things through. Why didn’t he reason with himself then? Why does he now see everything clearly and wants to repent? And his behavior with Nishal, knowing that, he went away with her himself, is it justified?

For Rabail, we know the woman is made of ice. And why shouldn’t she be? Zain treated her the worst when she needed him the most, leaving her and her daughter all alone. Now, the way she treats Zain is entirely justified.

We’re hating Nafeesa more than ever because all she thinks of is Nishal and her happiness and still wants to use Rabail for her own good. Nishal on the other hand is pregnant, however, she hasn’t yet shared the news with Zain.


What will happen when Zain gets to know about it? The next episode shows Nishal trying suicide and losing her pregnancy because of it. She’s holding Rabail responsible but will Zain think the same too? Will Nishal be able to convince him this time? To know, we’ll have to watch Koi Chand Rakh, next Thursday on ARY Digital.

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