Koi Chand Rakh Episode 27 Review: Why is only Nishal being punished?

Watching Koi Chand Rakh over the months, we were convinced about one thing. The relationship between Nishal and Zain was mutual. The two went ahead with everything hand in hand. Zain, blinded by Nishal’s beauty followed her like a puppet; doing exactly as she pleased.

And now while we’re reaching the end, why do we see Nishal as the only one being punished? Why is Nishal the only one suffering? We agree that Zain is having regrets but that doesn’t mean he can just discard Nishal like a used piece of clothing.

Perhaps we need to pay more attention to Zain’s frame of mind at the moment. Zain has been acting spineless in the entire drama, being lured to where the whiff was good. He left Rabail for Nishal, even though he had a soft corner for her in his heart. It was always evident in the way he treated her. But it wasn’t only Nishal who made him do a hundred other things. He was a grown up adult and therefore had decision making powers. Currently he’s behaving completely irrational, intent upon having Rabail back in his life and worrying about nothing else. While Nishal was vain and scheming, Zain was utterly a blind fool.

We’re glad to see Umair return back to life only because of Rabail. However, what we don’t like is how the makers are glorifying Rabail. Yes she’s honest and possess a very strong character, but placing her on a pedestal is a tad bit too much.

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The next week will bring the last episode of the much appreciated and we’re eagerly looking forward to it now. We feel Zain doesn’t deserve a second chance and Nishal doesn’t deserve to be left alone pinning for him. Both Zain and Nishal deserve each other for the kind of people they are.

We’ve had some great performances in Koi Chand Rakh over the months. Imran Abbas brought about some amazing performance as Zain, while Muneeb Butt as Umair was exemplary. Ayeza Khan had been a solid performer throughout and we’ve seen Areeba Habib grow and gather potential as an actor. Siraj ul Haq’s direction has been top notch and Maha Malik’s story rather impressive. However, as much as we’re rooting for Rabail to forgive Zain, we’re eagerly waiting to see an apt end to Nishal’s situation as well.

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