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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 4 Review: Will Zain’s reluctance destroy all four lives?

Its been just 4 episodes that Koi Chand Rakh started airing on ARY Digital but this amazing drama has built a very loyal fan following for itself. Written by Maha Malik and directed brilliantly by Siraj ul Haq, Koi Chand Rakh features a very fast paced plot, laced with interesting twists and turns. What makes the drama more interesting is its amazing cast. You have some firehouse performers dominating the screens with Koi Chand Rakh. Ayeza Khan, Muneeb Butt, Imran Abbas and even Areeba Habib, each one of the lead cast is just amazing.

The episode begins when  Nishaal sees Zain in their house and realizes that he is the same guy who  is now getting married to Rabail and she becomes really upset about it. Zain, too, is stunned to see the real Rabail and is enraged beyond belief.


Zain, who has always imagined his life partner to be Nishaal, beautiful and very bold, is let down after meeting Dr. Rabail. Rabail is simple and shy, and perhaps this is why she doesn’t fit Zain’s description of a wife. Zain is very angry with Nishaal for deceiving him to such an extent, he now can do nothing to undo this all. He cannot snatch away his family’s happiness from  them by saying that he cannot marry Dr Rabail.


On the other hand, Rabail too seems underwhelmed by the thought of her Nikkah. Also Nishaal, who hardly met Zain ever, just saw him stalking her, has now fallen in love with him to such an extent that she cannot imagine her life without him.

Rabail is also worried for Umair that how will he react when he gets to know about her Nikaah with Zain. She made fake promises with him and now she is feeling guilty about the whole drama. However, she claims that she’ll not mar her uncle’s family and their relationships, even if as a consequence Umair hates her for life.


The ending scene is very intense when Nishaal meets Zain, and blames him for being a coward that he cannot tell the reality to his family, but Zain backfires by calling her responsible for all this and challenges her that if she has the guts, she should tell her family about the reality. Nishaal, however, is more arrogant than ever and tells Zain that he deserves an ordinary girl like Rabail only. Zain, who himself is more arrogant than her, replies to her in the same blunt tone, telling how she’ll ache seeing Zain marry Rabail and pine every second.

On the acting front, Areeba Habib, Imran Abbas and Aiza Khan stole the show this time. Muneeb Butt has been away from the frame but we definitely like Umair’s intensity and miss him in the drama. For now, we’re eagerly waiting to see how Zain’s hatred upon Nishal’s betrayal will lead him to destroy 4 lives altogether.

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