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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 7: Zain is using poor Rabail for his revenge

Nishaal is also trying to get close to Zain's friend Zia


Another new episode of drama serial Koi Chand Rakh went on air yesterday and the story has shown bit advancement. The story is well written by  veteran writer Maha Malik and is well executed by the director Siraj ul Haq. Imran Abbas as Zain and Ayeza Khan as Rabail has given their best performances in this play. The whole episode revolves around pride, persistence and revenge of Zain and Nishaal

The episode begins when Nishaal calls Zain and tries to challenge him that he won’t be happy without her and that he does not deserve him and in return Zain says that he is happy and he give a  damn  about her. Well here in this drama, Nishaal is portrayed as a very mean and selfish girl who know that Zain is now Nikaahfied with Rabail is still after him. Anyways, Zain is trying his level best to make Nishaal jealous, he tries to romance with Rabail and poor Rabail who is sacrificing on every step, will be eventually going to get  hurt when she will come to know that,  what Zain is doing; is not actually romance. As a matter of fact, he has been using her just to take revenge from Nashaal.


Rabail on the other side is the most likeable character, she is simple, extremely pretty and  kind heart girl. I wonder why Zain has not developed any feelings for her. Rabail hasn’t done anything bad with anyone so, why is she going to suffer from all this, she does not deserve this at all.  Nishaal is trying to use her and moreover, she is behaving very rudely with her and blames her for everything.

Nishaal is trying hard not to get affected by Zain’s fake romance but she gets extremely jealous and she tries to take revenge. She in return trying to get close to Zain’s friend Zia  and even makes  an effort  to save her phone number in his cell phone, that too, by a trick. This has made Zain extremely mad and jealous, as he is now sure that Zia and Nishaal will start talking on phone. Zain agrees for early Rukshati and now wedding preparations have stared  in full swing.


Umair on the other side is being very restless and his passion is not letting him to be in peace, he leaves his university in middle and returns back without even telling anyone at home.  He is not aware of Rabail’s wedding but, when he enters  Rabail is selecting her wedding cards. Amidst all  preparation going Umair makes his entry and scares Rabail. He is still passionate and has madness,  and surely he is going to create trouble for Rabail.


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