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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 8 Review: Zain and Nishaal’s arrogance has ruined Rabail’s life

Umair is more passionate than ever.


Koi Chand Rakh is one drama that offers a story different from all run of the mill tracks we have watching on television since long. This drama, a story of relationships, ego and betrayals is excellently penned down by Maha Malik and directed by Siraj ul Haq, whose style of direction has extracted amazing performances from not only the stars but also the new comer Areeba Habib. You really like Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan in their respective roles but credit for standing out in Koi Chand Rakh goes to Muneeb Butt for his potrayal of the passionate Umair to perfection.

The episode begins with a passionate entry of Umair who is back to haunt Rabail. The drama is raising a very valid  point that our society has set certain so called standards which are not relevant to our religious values, for instance marrying an older woman has been considered an inappropriate act in our society. Umair’s demand of marrying Rabail is not wrong at all!  It is religiously  and ethically appropriate because he loves her so he can marry her but the so called society standards have restricted their family to let him marry Rabail.


Umair and his passion is not going down, he has set his room on fire and locks it but only on Rabail’s pleading he comes out and tells her no one can love her as passionately as he do. Rabail is shattered to be the cause of unrest in the family. She wants peace back in her house and for this she is ready to sacrifice herself.


On the other hand Nishaal is being an absolute mean girl who only thinks of herself. She has zero empathy for her cousin. She is not even realizing that her and Zain ‘s arrogance will ruin poor Rabail’s life. Why Rabail will be punished? What does she did? She do not deserve all this! Nishaal  forcefully made Rabail confess to Umair that she loved him and sent him off. But now, everything has fallen on poor Rabail and she is the only one being blamed.


Nishaal is mean but she has a point. Even though she flirts with Zia to make Zain jealous, she tells him straight off that it was his ego and his stupidity that has destroyed so many lives. The argument is overheard by Zain’s father. What will happen next waits to be seen? Whether things will slow down for poor Rabail or will she be blamed for something else. Don’t forget to watch Koi Chand Rakh’s next episode to find out.

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