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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 9 Review: Rabail is sentenced for life!

Another episode  of drama serial Koi Chand Rakh went on air yesterday. The play is based on an interesting tale of pride and arrogance which is ruining lives. Be it Umair whose life is ruined just because he wanted to marry a woman older than him or Rabail whose life is ruined just  because she is sacrificing for good. Nishaal and Zain, together, depict two super egoistic people who are not only ruining their own lives in  but they are destroying others in the process too. The story is beautifully created by Maha Malik and well directed by Siraaj ul Haq.

The episode begins when Zain’s father eavesdrops on Zain and Rabail’s converation, he hears and senses the passion and the obsession between them and he is extremely tensed as he realizes that Zain has done all this  just to tease Nishaal. He is tensed because  he cannot do anything to save Rabail and also because he does not want to  get embarrassed in front of his best friend. However he is baffled when he learns that Zain is getting ready for Baraat.


Nishaal, on the other hand, is being a vile character and is trying her best to tease Zain as much as she can. On the day before the wedding she just went to Zain’s house to tell him that he will never be happy with Rabail! What we don’t understand is why she is using Rabail and letting Zain destroy her life? She should have stopped Zain from doing that in a humbler way as all the misconception was created by her. She should have accepted her mistake and things would have settled but no, out of pride and arrogance she is mercilessly ruining her poor cousin’s life.


Rabail on the other hand  is unaware of all  what is going between Zain and Nishaal. She thinks Zain likes her because of his attitude with her over the past few days but he bursts her bubble as soon as he walks into the room after the reception.

Zain, perhaps, is as despicable as Nishaal, as the duo have destroyed four lives together, in their quest to hurt each other.


Umair on the other side is portrayed as a true, passionate lover who sacrifices his will and wishes for the wish of his lover. He  accepts  the fact that Rabail does not love him and he respects her feelings. Despite of his burning desires and heart break he attends Rabail’s wedding just because it is her wish and he does not  want to let her down.

For now, we’re rather intrigued and anxious to find out what will happen to poor Rabail, courtesy of Zain’s behavior. Imran Abbas, Ayeza Khan are amazing in their performances as Zain and Rabail. However, we feel it is Muneeb Butt who nails his part in the drama. Muneeb as Umair is commendable, his passion, obsession on point. Areeba Habib is doing good but she still has a lot to learn and we feel she’ll do it soon as she seems like a natural actor.

Koi Chand Rakh is one drama that has kept us hooked since its start and we feel there’s a lot more to come now. Stay tuned to the drama to find out more.

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