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Kuch Ankahi Episode-11 Review: Despite all odds, Samia marry Saif

The wedding we all are dreading actually happened!

ARY Digital drama serial Kuch Ankahi is not just winning our hearts with its brilliant script but it is also raising very important issues about women’s rights. Characters are endearing as well as progressive. In the previous episode, we have seen that Agha Jaan asks Saif face to face but he lies about his relationship with Shagufta because of his mother’s ulterior motive. In this episode, the wedding we were dreading actually happened Samia makes the huge blunder of marrying Saif.

Well we were wishing hard that Agha Jaan don’t fall for Saif’s words, he is a thorough villain and he was shamelessly lying about his relationship with Shagufta because of his mother’s ulterior motives. Unfortunately, poor Agha Jaan falls for his words and he actually thinks that Saif is a nice man No! The wedding we all were dreading is going to happen why o why after hearing Shagufta’s call there is no way left for Samia to marry Saif? why she is ruining her own life?

The scene where Salman and her mother try to add colours and festivities to this sad event is so beautifully done. Salman is a gem of a person, he is actually empathizing with Samia so much so that tears roll from his eyes when he sees Samia crying with her mother and sisters. The scene is so endearing when Aliya who herself is crying catches Salman with teary eyes and actually, they both start smiling at each other. The most beautiful thing scene ever.

The wedding scenes were simple we are missing Thanvi Sahab’s presence in this episode. The particular scene really very important where Nikkah’s clauses have been discussed. Sofia phupho takes a firm stand for it and asks Molvi Sahab not to cross those very important clauses which actually give protection to the girl. The best part is that despite Saif’s mother’s disapproval Agha jaan supports his sister’s advice and asks Molvi sahab not to cross those clauses. Those nikkah clauses awareness is the need of the day and it should be taught in our educational institutes as well.

The wedding night scene looks so scary Saif is actually showing interest in his newly wedded wife and he also advises him to speak up for her rights in front of his mother. This episode belongs to Mira Sethi and Ali Safina for their spectacular performances. Shagufta actually shows up at the wedding. Well, this wedding is not going to last this is confirmed. We really love Aliya and Azfar’s dynamics too besides loving Aliya and Salman’s crackling chemistry. Aliya dares to speak in front of Azfar and Sehrish. Now Azfar wants all details about her. What is Azfar up to?


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