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Kuch Ankahi Episode-12 Review: Asfar offers Aliya a job at his office!

Interesting dynamics!

ARY Digital’s Kuch Ankahi is a full-time winner with its brilliant script and mind-blowing performances. The play is loaded with many positive messaging all subtly knitted in a light heart manner, be it women’s rights in the property or other important social issues. While this episode seems like a filler sort of bit. In this episode, Agha Jaan and his family get to see Saif’s mother’s greedy intentions and her never-ending demands. In the previous episode, we have seen that the wedding we all were dreading finally happened.

Sofia Phupho and Tania brings Nashta for Samia and they are blown by the exotic weird plastic flowers, and cheap wedding room decor. Sofia Phupho being Sofia Phupho tries her best to take off the decor but Samia’s mean mother-in-law creates a lot of fuss about it. Saif is obediently following what Sofia Phupho is asking him to do but his mother cannot digest it. She explicitly demands that if this house is not according to their standards then they can get her daughter a new house! All get shocked by this sudden inappropriate demand but Sofia Phupho manages to control the situation.

Samia is at her Maklawa (the custom where the girl stays at her parent’s place after her wedding) Well Samia is not allowed to stay overnight so the poor bride spends only a day at Agha jee’s house. Agha jee tries his best to make Samia open up but she says all is okay. Agha Jee like any father assures her that he will always be at her side whenever he will need her. Well on the other hand mean Saif is dating his girlfriend Shagufta at the beach.

Why Saif is being so mean? why Shagufta has to stoop so low? She has been shown as an unconventional woman in the way she proposed to Saif and her point of view on why she likes him also makes sense but now what she is doing is making her a thorough negative character. Our heart goes out to poor Samia when Shagufta receives her call but on the other hand, Samia’s spineless behaviour is irritating us too. God Samia take a stand for your own self!

We get to see less of Aliya and Salman’s cute moments but I guess less is more, the scene where Salman actually confesses his love in his own way by asking her that has she not committed anywhere because anyone can fall for her. Well Salman your anxieties are real as it seems that Asfar is eyeing Aliya too. Aliya shares with Sherish how her brother Asfar has texted her and offered her a job! To our surprise, Sherish is endorsing her to join his brother’s company. Why she is doing that when Aliya is such a help to her? We are wondering if Aliya is going to accept this offer or not. Interesting dynamics!

Rameeza Nasim

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