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Kuch Ankahi Episode-17 Review: Salman and Aliya are back on talking terms

Over all an interesting buildup!

ARY Digital drama serial Kuch Ankahi is winning our hearts with its old-school PTV-era vibes. We are simply in love with the use of beautiful Urdu, dialogues, and its characters. In the previous episode, we have seen that Salman is offered a job at Sehrish’s office. The best thing about this episode is that Aliya and Salman are back on talking terms.

Well Saima’s mother is not ready to spare Agha Jaan, she is not letting him enter into her room accusing him of still fancying his ex-flame Zeenat. She is using some old jhumki as evidence she finds in an old coat pocket of Agha Jaan. Agha Jaan is startled at getting accused of what he has not done. The scene where Agha Jaan is begging his wife to let him come into his room is super cute.

Sofia Phupho kills this mystery by reminding him that it seems the same jhumki he has given to Bhabi on their first wedding anniversary. The hilarious scene is when Samia’s mother gets tired and feels lonely in her room she sneaks out and finds Agha Jaan sleeping. Agha Jaan clears the confusion about that jhumki, for which she is accusing him is actually her own, which she has forgotten. Well, it sounds cute but how convincing is that track? How can a woman forget her own jhumki she gets as her anniversary present?

Thanvi is after Phupho, it looks so cute they seem like a match made in Heaven but why Sofia is so averse to Thanvi why she is snubbing him all the time he tries to be romantic? Saif is having second thoughts, he is even gotten annoyed by Shagufta’s bullying. He has started liking Samia and in his mind, he is making a comparison of both but then why he is not mustering the courage to shun Shagufta and her inappropriate advances what is stopping him?

Ali, Shakeel, Tania, Neha, and their friends go to a faraway beach for the video shoot for the university project. And we love the way that beach scenes were captured they were simply mind-blowing. That mobile snatching scene where Tania fights back with the snatcher conveys a wrong message, resistance in mugging can risk one’s life not a good idea! Anyways the snatcher was not having a gun I guess. Aliya and Asfar’s chemistry is building up and it looks amazing to see Aliya kinda controlling Asfar especially when he is angry. It is so good to see Salman and Aliya getting back on talking terms although Salman asks her out of jealousy for Asfar dropping her home while Aliya taunts her for not even telling her before joining Shehrish’s office.

Interesting buildup!

Rameeza Nasim

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