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Kuch Ankahi Episode-18 Review: Aliya, Salman and Asfar seems an intense trio

Tania's documentary gets the jury award

Ary Digital drama serial Kuch Ankahi is winning our hearts with its old-school vibes. It literally takes us back to the Haseena Moin serials era. The performances are all incredible. In the previous episode, we have seen that Aliya and Salman are back to talking terms. In this episode, it is shown that Salman meets Aliya and Asfar at Asfar’s office and this trio seems to be quite intense.

Aliya is trying her best to convince Asafr to meet Sherish but he seems in no mood to understand what she is trying to tell her when all of a sudden we see Sherish entering his office. Sherish’s character is like a breath of fresh air it is so good to watch her despite having too much baggage she got. She herself offers Asfar a partnership deed. At that point, Salman enters Asfar’s office and Aliya is also present there.

Surprisingly Asfar taunts Aliya that she already knows Salman and refers him to living in the same house. Wow man, he has just done quite a research on Aliya what is he up to? Aliya seems a bit uncomfortable. Asfar agrees to the deed but adds his own terms, he has no intentions to work in good faith with his sister. There is an intense scene between Aliya and Asfar where he tells her that her earring is missing.

The same scene happens with Salman and this time Aliya does not shy out she asks him why he is being too particular in noticing. Salman replies that he cares and deserves to be noticed in return. Aliya taunts him for his socks, he is wearing separate colors. This made Salman’s day Aliya also notices him. However, we see Aliya recalling Asfar too so this triangle seems quite intense but no we are rooting for Aliya and Salman. Although Asfar is a hunk too.

This episode is quite happening but the best part is that it is full of Aliya, Salman, and Asfar’s scenes. Mina’s husband tries to create a fuss in front of Agha Jaan he even taunts Sofia Phupho for being a spinster but then Salman handles the situation well. Saif and Samia’s bond is getting stronger. Tania and Ali’s documentary gets the Jury award and it’s hyped on Instagram which ends up with Samia getting an order from a renowned designer to create a few designs for her brand. Shakeel’s photography skills also get appreciated, Aliya also gives him a token of appreciation along with Tania. Interesting buildup!

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