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Kuch Ankahi Episode-20 Review: We are wondering if Aaliya has feelings for Asfar

Salman is hurt to see Aaliya's inclination towards Asfar

Kuch Ankahi, ARY Digital’s drama serial despite winning our hearts all the time does raise certain questions. Intelligently penned down by Muhammad Ahmed Kuch Ankahi is a series to be savored and to be cherished. Performances are all spectacular particularly it is Babar Ali who has given an amazing performance. In the previous episode, we have seen Thanvi stealing the show. In this episode, we are wondering if Aaliya has feelings for Asfar.

The episode begins when Asfar is praying Fatheha at his mother’s grave and there he comes across his father who once again kinda pleads with him to forgive and forget. On the other hand Aaliya at almost midnight is at Asfar’s place decorating his house with lights and flowers. She despite being told that Asfar will become furious, continues to light candles well does it go well with Aliya’s character?

It is told that Sehrish has instructed Aaliya to bring cake and celebrate his birthday. Asfar despite being quite furious at Aaliyah’s arrival does not completely shun her away. He displays his frustration by smashing some flowers on the floor but that is it. We see his rage coming down like a foam and there we see a vulnerable side of Asfar who opens up with Aaliya about his troubling past.

Aaliya seems to have feelings for Asfar despite being too late, listens carefully to him and then suggests to him to at least once try to forgive and forget everything for his good. She says that letting go is a beautiful act and it ends up giving one contentment and peace. It seems that Asfar has not disliked her advice as we see a smile coming on his face. Aaliya is becoming a positive influence on him. Salman arrives at Asfar’s place and he is hurt to see Aaliya celebrating his boss’s birthday alone at midnight. The way Aaliya’s father and Salman’s mother react to Aaliya’s conduct is an ideal example to set.

Well, more hurting for Salman is the inclination of Aaliya’s heart towards Asfar, he feels like he is getting out of the equation. To be honest our heart goes out to Salman it is we like Asfar but we still want Aaliya to end up with Salman. Samia is on her way to making her career. Saif is seriously thinking about marrying Shagufta. Thanvi is once again spreading smiles and winning hearts by supporting Deepak I wish this ends up melting Sofia’s heart as well. It is still a mystery what has happened with Mona. Where she has gone?

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