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Laapata Episode-2 Review: Geeti is now eyeing Shams

Laapata the newly started drama serial at Hum TV has come up with its second episode. Lapata will be aired twice a week. The story seems to move fast which is the good thing about the play. Laapata moves around Geeti who is portrayed as a TikTok celebrity. And it is her social media card that she tries to cash everywhere but Falak is the only one who does not get threatened by her.

Geeti (Ayeza Khan) catches Falak (Sarah Khan) and Shams (Ali Rehman Khan) romancing together and now what she does is start bugging them all the time and she even starts blackmailing them against demanding balance in the mobile. It is shown that Geeti has no scruples. After getting failed in that eloping venture she is now all set to snatch Shams from Falak.

Falak is the only likable character in this play, she is a girl with a positive mindset. She plays Badminton and her aim is to do CSS while on the other hand, Shams is quite a spoiled guy having bad company, he is gradually getting addicted to gambling and for that, he spends all his poor father’s shop revenue. Falak picks that and she asks him about his whereabouts and also that where he is getting all the money from for he is frequently giving her gifts. Falak also catches him talking with his loafer friend about Hakim Sahab. Well realistically speaking Falak and Shams are no match.

Well, to be honest, Shams and Geeti share some similarities, both are carefree, nonserious, selfish, and have a criminal bend of mind. Falak is quite positive comparatively and for that, she does not deserve a good for thing kind of guy Shams. In order to avoid further blackmailing Falak gets brave and tells her parents that she and Shams like each other and demands to get engaged leaving Geeti super shocked. Moreover, Falak warns Geeti to stay away from Shams otherwise she will make her an example that even her own followers won’t be able to recognize her.

Falak’s parents initially agree on the proposal but then Falak’s sister tries to instill some sanity in her parent’s heads by telling them that Shams is not a good match for Falak as he does nothing and moreover he is not much educated. She gives her own example that how her own husband is jobless so how can they bear another daughter’s burden? Falak’s father finally takes a decision in the best interest of her daughter he refuses to accept Falak and Shams’s relationship and he shares his decision with all, making Geeti happy once again.

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