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Laapata Episode-5 & 6 Review: Shaams has been missing for the past two years

Geeti after becoming a famous TikTok star is now eyeing the guy her best friend wants to marry.

Laapata Episode-5 & 6 ReviewLaapata Episode-5 & 6 Review | OyeYeah Drama Review

Laapata drama serial at HUM TV has two more episodes down this week and the story has taken a drastic turn. Shaams has been missing for the past two years, his parents and Falak’s family have no idea where he is. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Inspector is after Shaams for recovery of the money that he lost in gambling. In these episodes, it is shown that Inspector takes away Shaams and he is shifted to central jail while the Inspector gets murdered by Hakeem.

So much happened in these two episodes, there is a time-lapse shown too. Shaams has gone from home for a job interview Falak’s father has referred and luckily he gets selected. However lady luck is not on his side though, Inspector is following him and he takes him in his custody. Everyone is looking for Shaams everywhere. That morgue scene where Falak and Shaam’s father went to identify a body as Shaams was so horrifying.

Luck is certainly not on the poor Shaams side, after knowing that Shaams and his family are not much established and they cannot pay back his amount. Inspector names Shaams as the terrorist they are searching for. Inspector gets murdered by Hakeem but his murder cannot save poor Shaams. He has been shifted to central jail despite Shaams clarifications that he has no affiliation with any terrorist party. It has been two years since he is in jail and his family knows nothing about him. Shaams end up as a  missing person – Laapata!

Falak is being strong in all these years but her heart is still waiting for Shaams. Her career is bright as ever she has won the All Pakistan Badminton Championship. Well, one thing is not making any sense why she has not given CSS papers, what is stopping her? She is already doing a fantastic job then why she is not attempting CSS? There is an entry of another character who happens to be Falak’s boss played by Gohar Rasheed. He shows great interest in Falak whereas Falak ignores him as her heart still beats for Shaams.

Geeti Princess has emerged as a great TikTok star, she is giving interviews on morning shows. We have seen a change in her demeanor, she has learned from her mistakes, she has learned that it’s not good to cash her social media card all the time. She has been friendlier with Falak now. However, in the ending scenes with the entry of her best friend’s fiance to be, we see once again the old flirtatious and mean Geeti who is now eyeing the guy her best friend wants to marry. Geeti is a thorough mean character.

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