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Laapata Episodes 19 & 20 Review: Falak arrested right from the mehndi function

Geeti is the one who has informed the Police about Falak.

Laapata Episodes 19 and 20 ReviewLaapata Episodes 19 and 20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum Tv Drama serial Laapata is 20 episodes down, the story has taken a tragic turn yet it is quite intense. Falak is in jail and she is being charged for the murder of Daniyal. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Falak is hiding the truth from all. In this episode, the Police arrest Falak from her house and locks her up.

Shaams and Geeti’s mehndi is taking place as all are dressed up and enjoying the function when right in the middle of all festivities Falak realizes that she has mistaken she should tell her father all the truth about Daniyal but it is already too late. Police raid at the function and take Falak with them. Locking up Falak in males lockup is too much of stretched no one does that.

One of the biggest mistakes Falak has committed is that she is lying to Police also. She has already weakened her case. Shaams is right there with Falak all the time, he assures Falak that they all are with her. Daniyal’s friend’s wife Ayesha also comes all the way from Islamabad to help out Falak in her case. That seems so kind of her. Well, who helps anyone by going that out of the way and she comes all the way from Islamabad for her!

Geeti is such a mean girl, actually, she is the one who has informed the Police about Falak. Well one wonders that Daniyal’s parents know about Falak and her house then why they have printed an ad in the newspaper for her? Geeti is all mad because her wedding is spoiled because of Falak’s case and also she has sensed that Shaams is too much occupied in Falak matters that he has no time for her. Geeti has made up her mind that if she cannot be a heroine then she will become a villain she is partying with Daniyal’s parent’s lawyer.

Falak is shifted to Islamabad Jail and Shaams also goes after her to pursue her case. Ayesha is fighting her case and so far the situation is not in favor of Falak, her bail has also been rejected. Daniyal’s parents are persistent to punish Falak for the crime she has not even committed. Ayesha calls Shaams and tells him that the only situation through which they can have hope is that if Shaams can get Daniyal’s house help Munira. She is the only eyewitness and if she tells the truth in court Falak can be saved. Shaams vows that he will bring Munira he already procures her address from the lady in the neighborhood.

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