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Laapata Episode 7 & 8 Review: Falak said yes to Daniyal!

Geeti is busy in making her wedding plans


HUM TV drama serial Laapata happens to be strong in the beginning but now it is too much over the place. The dialogues, story, and direction all seem to be quite poor. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shaams is still in Jail and Falak believes that he will come someday. In the latest episode, Falak ends her wait by accepting her boss’s proposal.

Geeti princess has no scruples, she is all set to marry the boy her best friend has chosen for herself. Geeti is so mean and manipulative, she is trying her best so that her best friend calls off her plans to marry that boy as she herself wants to marry him. The boy also wants to marry Geeti. They are planning their wedding but Geeti’s mother has no intentions of marrying her off one wonders why?

Daniyal is continuously wooing Falak despite her cold behavior with him. He looks so respectful that our heart goes out for him. Falak is consistently declining all his offers, she goes to the extent of calling his advances “Workplace Harassment” well which is quite a stretch. Poor Daniyal is being very nice and respectful towards her, it is just that he likes her and wants to marry her.

Shaams is still in jail but he sees a dream repetitively that he is at a deserted place where Falak is waiting for him. Shaams always get restless when he sees that dream. In this episode, we see a ray of hope in this matter that his jail companion has offered his help that he can get his family informed through his friend who comes to visit him.

Falak’s sister forgives her husband’s extramarital affair but problem is that she considers it as her own mistake, how disgusting is it that she is the one who is begging forgiveness from her husband when he is the one who is having a secret affair! How can this being justified so conveniently?

Daniyal visits Falak’s house and then he proposes to her. Falak’s family asks Shaams family’s consent over the matter. Shaam’s father has no choice but to allow them to marry off Falak where ever they like. Well, here Falak’s character is not making any sense at all. The type of headstrong girl she is shown how can she agree to Daniyal’s proposal so easily? Well even if she agreed then the dialogue she utters in the ending scene is so weird, it something like ” Shaams ko ab wapis nahi ana chahiye kyun kay Mai apne naye Mizaaji Khuda per imaan lay aaee hoon ” This dialogue does not gel well with the character of Falak!

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