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Laapata Last Episode Review: Happy but an unconventional ending

Laapata the drama serial airing on Hum Tv has finally come to its conclusion. It is relatively a smaller serial with only 22 Episodes and ideally, this should be the number of episodes in a play. Director Khizer Idress has brilliantly directed this serial and for not dragging a story and presenting an unconventionally ending he deserves all our appreciation. Performances were top notch be it Sarah Khan, Ayeza Khan, Ali Rehman, or Gohar Rasheed everyone has done a fabulous job.

Falak’s case is getting weaker and weaker. Shaams has found Munira but her husband with help of other goons has tied shaams up with rope in the house and flee off with Munira. People help out Shaams by hearing his screams. Shaams cannot help out Falak in this case without Munira they have no base and they have almost lost all the hopes of winning the case.

Falak’s case is already weak on top of that Geeti also collaborates with Daniyaal’s parents’ lawyer and she tells them that Falak and Shaams love each other so there is a possibility that Shaams and Falak have jointly killed Daniyal so that they can marry each other. Well how come Shaams instantly realize that it is Geeti who is behind all this? There are also a few loopholes in the story.

Shaams goes back to his house and he tells everyone that the case is going fine but Falak’s father has sensed that there is something wrong going. Shaams confronts Geeti and he tells her that he will not marry her at any cost.  He is planning that he will take all the blame for Daniyaal’s murder on himself in front of the court and will save Falak.  However, this situation does not happen and luckily Munira is presented in the court as a major eyewitness.

Munira saves Falak by telling the court all the truth, it is actually her own husband who has killed Daniyaal.  Falak is now a free girl and Shaams is there for her. Despite Geeti’s all tactics and tricks Shaams and Falak get engaged to each other.  The best thing about this ending is that it is a bit unconventional like it is basically a happy ending where Shaams and Falak union is shown but it is not that kind of end where all is well that ends well. We have seen in the very last shot that Geeti is still the same, despite her mother’s snubbing there is no remorse, she is the same. Poetic justice is shown but in a very appropriate quantity. We will surely be going miss this fast-paced uniquely executed story and particularly we will going to miss Geeti’s makeover looks.

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