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Lashkara Episode 1 Review: Things Are Not As Simple As They Seem!

You sense the darkness right from the first episode


The much hyped drama serial started yesterday, the play is full of colors depicting the true picture and beauty of Interior Lahore. The play is written by the veteran writer Zafar Mairaj and the play is directed by O Rangreza famed director Kashif Nisar. Set in the close knitted Mohalas of old Lahore, Lashkara is a tale of modern day romances. The  leading cast of the play includes  Ushna Shah, Imran Ashraf and Mohsin Abbas Haider.


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The epsiode begins with the beautiful scenes of 13 gated Interior Lahore. The story is one of such mohala, where Bubbly (Ushna Shah) is the main character, a charming  glowing girl with lots of lovers in the neighborhood. She has a simple and nerdy cousin who is doing CSS. The talk of the house is that some people are coming to see Saima.


Bubbly is very self conscious, devoting most of her time to skincare routines. She isn’t educated and doesn’t know English at all. Sunny (Imran Ashraf) is one of her lovers in the neighborhood and like Bubly, he too, does not understand the foreign language.

Bubly is lazy and spends her days dreaming about what can never be. Her father, a dyer by profession, frets over his daughter and the way she chooses to spend her days.

Then there is the arrogant Feeka (Mohsin Ababs Haider). He is another one of Bubly’s lovers and brings her sweets. Feeka keeps on correcting everyone and feels he should be referred to as Chaudhry Rafeeq. However, Bubly finds him funny and laughs on his face. Sunny is apparently Feeka’s rival when it comes to Bubly’s attentions.


Overall, the first episode gave us glimpses of the way the characters have been formed. From what we have seen, even though each character seems simple, living amidst the old Lahore mohala, there is an underlying darkness governing each of them except Bubly. Ushna Shah as Bubly is vivacious and vibrant, nailing her character. Imran Ashraf is simply perfect, you absolutely love this guy’s versatility and the way he adjusts into his new characters like a chameleon. Mohsin Abbas Haider as Feeka deserves praise because he is one actor you have seen evolving. From Muqabil’s Armaan to Lashkara’s Feeka, Mohsin Abbas Haider has matured with his performance. He is a perfectionist and it shows even in what little of what we got to see in the first episode.

Kashif Nisar has lent wonderful direction right from the opening frame for this Zafar Mairaj story, one which will definitely be as simple as it looks to be for now.


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