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Lashkara Episode 4 Review: Will Bubbly’s acceptance of Feeka’s proposal spell doom for her?

And of course Sunny is fussy!


The fourth episode of  my most favorite drama serial “Lashkara” finally aired and of course it was as I expected, simply superb. Kashif Nisar’s direction is absolutely brilliant and Zafar Mairaj’s story keeps you on the hook, anticipating the next twist in the episode.  The actors, particularly, Imran Ashraf has given a stupendous performance, nailing the Punjabi accent spot on. Mohsin Abbas Haider deserves special mention as Feeka, because he is absolutely brilliant. Chaudhry Rafiq demands respect from his peers, but Mohsin demands respect as an actor. 


And of course, the heroine of the story, Ushna Shah, is simply stupendous. The lady, with her latkas and jhatkas is just too good. The Punjabi lilt in her style comes off natural and Ushna as Bubly remains the star of the show.

Feeka was sad because Bubly rejected his proposal but situation turns in his favor when Bubly’s father accepts the proposal anticipating the monetary help that’ll come their way from Feeka. Even though Sunny is enraged and tries to threaten Feeka, the guy is unmoved and is happy about the acceptance of his proposal because he loves Bubly a bit too much.

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On the other hand, Bubly has warned Sunny to stop overreacting and calling her on the roof top for instant meetups. She tells him off straight but Sunny is not the one to be put off so easily.

Feeka’s sister is concerned about the threats issued by Sunny but their mother puts them all off saying its very common for young, pretty girls. However, Sunny’s threat doesn’t really seem empty. What will happen next? Is Sunny dangerous as he claims to be? Will this be the start of the impending doom we’re expecting for Bubly? Stay tuned to Lashkara, every Tuesday on ARY Digital, to find out.


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