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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka Episode 11 Review; Puzzling!

Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka aired its 11th Episode and the story is now somehow confusing us, which might change the dynamics of the story. The captivating turns of the events have been successful in beholding viewers’ interest.

So here is what happened in this week’s episode, Armaan had been convincing Zaryaab that Dania and he should be together and he would make everything just like they wanted to be in first place. However, Armaan also cannot help falling more for Dania as much as he wanted to make things normal for them, he just could not resist but to stay close to Dania. This has confused us whether Armaan really wants to separate himself from Dania or he has been pretending this!


While Dania too is behaving with him like a wife should be although things are not settled between them but who knows what is ahead for us!

Zaryaab also seems very unclear; one moment he is spending time with Sonia apologizing for his past endeavors and the other moment when Armaan told everyone that he was taking Dania to their farmhouse to spend time, this disturbed him and he even asked Armaan to cancel this plan but their mother interrupted and told them not to cancel anything.


We like how the story is tangled and we are still unclear about Dania and Zaryaab’s decisions. What will be Dania’s destiny? What does Zaryaab actually want? How Armaan will keep puzzling himself and the viewers? To find out what will happen next, don’t forget to tune in to Hum TV next Saturday!

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