Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka – Episode 14 Review

An already intricate story-line of Hum TV’s drama serial, has taken an intriguing twist in this episode which starts with some confusion in Armaan’s mind about whom Zaryaab actually wants to marry. All the characters perform heroically well to a script that resembles a maze that must be unraveled by the viewer’s ingenuity and perception more than what is vocally revealed.

However, the strong point is that although the conversations between the cast of characters appear stilted and out-of-local contexts, there is a strong emphasis on gestures that provide important clues about how the story is unfolding and what to expect ahead. For instance, the mother is polished and socially friendly but shows signs of hidden agenda against Zaryaab.

Armaan has been portrayed as a the self-sacrificing altruist, but tries to imperceptibly implant suspicion in Dania’s mind about Zaryaab’s motives so that she begins not only to mistrust him but also voice this mistrust so callously in front of anyone who mentions his name. One presumes Armaan wants to make her his wife not only in letter but in spirit as well- but of course she must turn to him rather than he force himself on to her- oh dear! What a tangled web we weave when we deceive!

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The highlight of all these hidden meanings within this episode revolve around Dania’s so-called pregnancy – she feels unwell thinking about Zaryaab’s decision to forge ahead with his marriage to Sonia (as a measure of his self sacrifice) which is interpreted by her darling mother-in-law as a sign of good news to come. The drama that unravels the pieces of expectations is fun to watch- the mother is happy that things are settling down now while Zaryaab is devastated that the couple, being his love interest and his brother have actually played him on a string while the couple offers no clue as to what is actually happening.

The pregnancy and its joyful reception by people other than whom it directly affects is a reflection of yet another puzzle that has to be solved to arrive at the bigger picture. Stay tuned for the wedding and subsequent events that will eventually lead the star-crossed lovers, Dania and Zaryaab, to each other’s arms despite such herculean improbabilities- or will they? We need to watch the next episode to see where the tide turns!


Saman Siddiqui

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