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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka – Episode 18 Review

Main Khyal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka is a romantic drama serial that is directed by Emraan Kaleem Mallick and written by Shabana Ghulam Nabi. The drama is a mega production of IRK Films. The story revolves around Dania (played by Hareem Farooq), Zaryaab (played by Ali Rehman) and Armaan (played by Alamdar Hussain), who are caught up in a love trio, where Dania and Zaryaab love each other but Dania got married to Armaan. So, the story is all about sacrifice of love and broken relationships.


The latest episode of Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka unfolded new layers. The episode starts when Sonia calls Armaan to discuss about her insecurities related to Zaryaab’s closeness with Dania, Armaan asks her to meet in person to talk about it. Sonia wants to live with Zaryaab separately after marriage and she convinces her mother for it. Her mother asks her to discuss it with Zaryaab and his family as she thinks Zaryaab would never agree for this.

Armaan blames Dania after Sonia’s phone, for how everyone is talking about her and Zaryaab’s relationship and how he has been receiving complains about her, either talking to Zaryaab on the phone or being found in Zaryaab’s room. He bluntly expressed that Zaryaab doesn’t want to marry Dania anyway and that everyone thinks that Dania is after Zaryaab while Zaryaab is happy with Sonia. Mean time Arman’s mother tries to intervene, but Zaryaab rescues Dania from this situation and scolds Armaan for his behavior with Dania.

Zaryaab is confused with Dania’s silence in every matter but unable to find any clue. Sonia pays a visit to Zaryaab’s home and convinces her mother-in-law that she wants to live separately with Zaryaab after marriage, she also put this forward with Dania in a negative way but to her surprise Dania gives her a go-ahead that she herself doesn’t want to live in this home anymore and Sonia can take both the brothers with him.

Zaryaab’s mother comes to know from her husband that Zaryaab has lost some business deal and he wants to cover it without letting Zaryaab know, she gets pissed off with her husband as to why he always protects Zaryaab. She asks him to divide the business and property for Zaryaab and Armaan.

Armaan feels embarrassed about his misbehavior with Dania so he buys some gifts for Dania and requests her forgiveness, but Dania refuses to accept his apology and throws his gifts on his face. Armaan loses control over it and slaps her.

Sonia chirps in front of Zaryaab that she has convinced everyone about them living separately but Zaryaab doesn’t approve of this. Armaan’s mother couldn’t stop herself from disclosing Zaryaab’s business loss to him and blames him that he might have done this intentionally; the episode ends with Zaryaab in total shock.

All in all, this episode was pretty decent and story has been taken forward with more twists.
What are your thoughts about this drama, please share your views!

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