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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka – Episode 22 Review

The story is about to conclude and we are anxiously waiting for Zaryab and Dania to be together finally!


Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka is produced by IRK Films and stars Ali Rehman Khan as Zaryab Safdar, Hareem Farooq as Dania Aziz and Alamdar Hussain as Arman Safdar. So, apparently Zaryab and Arman are step brothers who fall in love with the same girl Dania, though Dania and Zaryab has love interest for each other before Arman pitches in but Zaryab sacrifices his love for his brother and Dania gets married to Arman. The story is all about broken relationships and sacrifices.

The latest episode starts with Rafia probing Safdar to ask Zaryab to leave home as she doesn’t want Zaryab’s interference in Arman and Dania’s life anymore. She blames Zaryab for everything and Safdar left with no choice but to talk to Zaryab about it. Though it’s a tough and an emotional decision for him but as soon as he talks to Zaryab about it; Zaryab hugs him and meekly assures him that he will not face any trouble because of Zaryab and he will be back soon as it’s just a matter of time. Zaryab leaves home but cries his heart out alone.

Rafia gets very happy for it and shares her happiness with Arman. Up to her disappointment, Arman gets angry with his mother as he never wanted Zaryab to leave home. He asks her to stop Zaryab, else she will lose both sons. Rafia doesn’t agree to it and Arman does the same.

Rafia receives a call at home for Dania; the caller was bubbly with whom Dania stays for 3 days in past, Bubbly wanted to black mail Dania for more money. Rafia starts accusing Dania and when she couldn’t tolerate her words anymore, Dania also vacates home but signs the divorce papers before leaving.

Arman sends message to Dania informing that he is going back to abroad and he wishes for Zaryab and Dania’s future together.

The story is about to conclude and we are anxiously waiting for Zaryab and Dania to be together finally. How did you like the latest episode of Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka? Please share your thoughts!

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