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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka – Last Episode Review

A powerful ending with two strong messages!


The most captivating last episode of Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka aired last night. An exceptional tale penned by Shabana Ghulam Nabi with excellent direction by Emran Kaleem Mallick. The record breaking saga is a production of IRK Films starring the much-admired on-screen couple of Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan. The couple has its third on-screen appearance together after ‘Parchi ‘and ‘Diyar-e-Dil’.

The cast includes Ali Rehman Khan as Zaryab Safdar, Hareem Farooq as Dania Aziz and Alamdar Hussain as Arman Safdar. So, seemingly Zaryab and Arman are step-brothers who fall in love with same girl Dania, though Dania and Zaryab have love interest for each other before Arman pitches in but Zaryab sacrifices his love for his brother and Dania gets married to Arman. The story is all about broken relationships and sacrifices.


Last episode reveals that Armaan, Zaryab and Dania have left home because of Rafia. The house maid calls Zaryab and informs him about Dania. Zaryab follows his instinct and goes to Dania’s home. He begs Dania to come with him and he will fix everything, both share grievances for the last time but Dania controls herself and states that she wants to do something for herself now and she doesn’t want to be in any relationship anymore.


Zaryab goes to Rafia dejected by Dania, he finally reveals the truth to Rafia that Armaan had divorced Dania the very first day of their marriage and it was Dania who was compromising because of her father’s illness. He also explains the reason of Dania’s stay at Bubbly’s. Rafia doesn’t bother his clarification and bitterly confesses her revulsion towards Zaryab and asks him to stay out of this home as she can’t tolerate him anymore.


Safdar happens to listen their arguments; he seeks apology from Zaryab but requests some alone moments with Rafia. By the time Zaryab leaves home, Safdar gets heart attack and dies immediately. Zaryab’s friend calls him to inform about his father’s death.So the story was then fast forwarded to some years and we were shown that a seminar was hosted by an NGO in honour of Dania Aziz who worked selflessly for the betterment of the NGO and women empowerment.

Dania’s old friend comes to meet her and she finally shares that how content she feels now.
The last scene of the drama displays Rafia on wheel chair regretting about her wrongdoings that how her one wrong decision has ruined everyone’s life. Zaryab comes from behind to take her back to home.
Though deep down everyone wanted Zaryab and Dania to stay together at last, but the story ends here and certainly ends for good.

A powerful ending with two strong messages, first, a message of women empowerment that no woman is too weak to let her life be controlled by anyone; a woman is much more than that. Second, one wrong decision can ruin everything attached to it, sometimes someone’s whole life and in the end life hits us so hard that nothing is left but only regrets.

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