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Malaal e Yaar Episode 14 Review: Eventually Hooriya agrees to marry Balaaj!

Balaaj starts owning Hooriya as his childhood Mang.


The 14th episode of one of the most engaging drama serial in the running, Malaal e yaar went on air. The serial is getting more and more interesting and definitely, credit goes to the writer and the director. As the story proceeds more of Balaaj’s scenes have started to appear. We cannot help ourselves to stop drooling over Zain Baig’s portrayal as Balaaj.

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The episode beings when worried Hooriya goes at Baitak to discuss the matter with Balaaj. Balaaj looks at her in a very intense way. Hooriya tells him that she does not like him and she does not want to marry him on which Balaaj laughs and says his signature phrase Sadkay! He says that he wants to marry her as she is her childhood Mang so he will marry her no matter what happens.


Hooriya also talks to her Taya but he is not ready to listen to her, for him his family traditions are more important, even more, important than his own daughter’s happiness. Balaaj over hears Hooriya and Taya Sarkar conversation, he asks Hooriya to apologize but Hooriya and Minhal are leaving the house. Balaaj has already told them that they cannot leave the house without Taya Sarkar’s permission but as Hooriya herself has seen that she is helpless, even her father is not helping her out.


Amber’s character is so rude and means, she is just like her mother, despite knowing the fact that Hooriya and Minhal do not want to stay at the house and asHooriya has clearly said that she does not want to marry Balaaj but still,  Amber is getting mad at her! Hooriya tells Amber that she will convince her father to let them go so that she and Balaaj can marry but Amber is not ready to listen to her.  She is so mad at her that she even tries to attack at her!


Hooriya is really upset with all this development, she does not want to marry Balaaj, she knows that she cannot leave the place. She goes to his father’s room to convince him but he thinks that the only solution to this matter is that she marries Balaaj. Helpless Hooriya for the last time tries her luck and goes to Taya Sarkar to convince her but he is so resolute and he starts emitting his venom against Hooriya’s father that he has always betrayed him on which Hooriya says that this is not the case, he always wants to obey his orders and to prove her point she eventually agrees to marry Balaaj! surprising Balaaj and Taya Sarkar.

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