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Malaal e Yaar Episode 15 Review: Hooriya is planning to run away on the Nikkah day.

Malaal e Yaar drama serial based on feudalistic rituals is getting more and more interesting as the story proceeds. Writer Hina Huma Nafees has done a marvelous job in penning down a gripping content and crafting such strong characters and the play is also well helmed by Asad Jabbal. Zain Baig and Azeekah Daniel are having great onscreen chemistry.

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The episode begins when Hooriya agrees for marrying Balaaj. Minal is talking with Faiq and is sharing family problems with him, meanwhile, Amber enters into the room and breaks this news to her that Hooriya has agreed for marriage, Minhal cannot believe her. She is shocked to learn that Hooriya has actually agreed for the marriage, she is mad at her. However, Hooriya convinces Minal that she has done that to dodge Taya Sarkar and she has a scheme of run on his marriage day. She is not actually going to marry him.


Balaaj, on the other hand, is also suspicious about Hooriya. He also wants to find out the reason why Hooriya has agreed to marry him all of a sudden. He is sensing that Hooriya is cooking something in her mind. He tries to ask her the reason of agreeing upon which she says that she has done this to keep her family united, on which Balaaj says that if she is doing it for that purpose then it’s good but if she has a plan to betray than it will not be good for her.


Hooriya tries hard to get out of the Haveli but all her schemes and efforts go in vain and the Nikkah day is about to arrive. She begs Syeda to help her by reminding her that if she really cares and loves her like her own daughter then she should do what a real mother would do in such a situation. Syeda agrees to help Hooriya and she arranges a plan and for that she also takes the help of her trustworthy maid.


Nikkah day has finally arrived, Hooriya is extremely nervous and so is Syeda but they are resolute in their plan. Bibi Jaan very rudely gives Hooriya her Nikkah dress and stuff, but with Balaaj she really talks like a real mother. She wishes to Balaaj all happiness and blessings and tells him that she is not angry with him for not marrying Amber. Well, Balaaj seems moved by Bibi Jaan’s wishes, as he really respects her. Balaaj’s sixth sense is alarming him that there is something fishy, he goes to Hooriya’s room, she is busy talking with Danish, he snatches her phone and start talking.

Will Balaaj get to know about Danish? Is Hooriya’s plan going to fail? Well, we have to wait for the next episode to find that out.

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