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Malaal e Yaar Episode-19 Review: Hooriya feels suffocated being married to Balaaj

Minal and Faiq 's relationship is in troble too

Drama - Malaal e yaar Episode 18 Review

Malaal e Yaar, the drama serial, in fact, is one of the most engaging plays with its interesting storyline and well-crafted characters. The writer Hina Huma Nafees has very artfully depicted the feudal mindset and the play is well executed by Asad Jabbal. Azeekha Daniel and Zain Baig’s onscreen chemistry looks ideal and they both have given their best performances in the play.

The episode begins when Hooriya and Minhal were discussing the possibilities of Taya Sarkar creating any trouble in Faiq and Minhal’s relationship when the maid enters the room telling that some guy naming Danish comes to meet Hooriya. Hooriya is ecstatic to know that he has come to see her but in the midway, she has realized the fact that things are not like what they used to be. She is now married and she cannot afford to have any relation with him and she cannot put his life in danger.


Hooriya pretends that she has changed now, her feelings have been altered and now she does not want to keep any kind of relationship with him. Danish is shocked to hear that moreover, he is numb when he comes to know that Hooriya is now married to Balaaj! Poor Danish tries his best to believe that it has been a forced marriage but Hooriya tries to pretend hard that she is happy with this marriage moreover she says that she is now settled and she has started liking this luxurious lifestyle which she was not habitual of. This has literally broken Danish.


Faiq’s mother once again comes to meet Minhal and this time she has brought Faiq with her and she demands that she wants  Faiq and Minhal to get married soon, Wajahat expresses his reservations for marrying her off so soon, on which she says at least she wants Faiq and Minhal’s nikah. Well, one wonders, that  Wajahat who has once caught Amber with Faiq and now he does not recognizes him nor Faiq has recognized him at all, pretty strange! Minhal was already worrying for Taya Sarkar, who is not ready to welcome that Nikkah in haste, in fact, he clearly says that Wajahat should refuse them! The pathetic Amber on the other side is not coming out of her mourning but when her mother consoles her by saying that she will help her marrying whoever she wants, it gives her hopes for Faiq!


Well, Amber is so mean and cunning that she tells Balaaj about Danish’s visit to their house to meet Hooriya. Balaaj in a very furious range goes to his room and asks Hooriya about Danish on which she refuses to give him any details. Balaaj says that he will kill her on which helpless poor Hooriya is ready to die she tells Balaaj to kill her as she is fed up of living like that as she is not habitual of so much hatred. It seems that her hysterical confession has somehow moved Balaaj but he still pretends to be an insensitive person.

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