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Malaal e Yaar Episode 17 Review: Balaaj forcefully marries Hooriya

With a gripping plot and interesting characters, Malaal e yaar has become our most favorite Prime Time Watch. The writer has really put in great efforts to depict a true feudalistic portrayal be it Balaaj’s character portrayal or the portrayal of the feudal aristocracies, everything is just spot on. Azekah Daniel, Zain Baig and Hamza Firdous have really come up with incredible performances.

The Episode begins when Balaaj has caught Hooriya and Minal from the bus and now he is warning them for the worst to come. Hooriya bravely tries hard to escape but all her efforts go vain. Balaaj instead of taking them back to Haveli takes them to a deserted home which scares the hell out of the girls they were wondering what Balaaj’s plans are. Danish on the other side is worrying for Hooriya as she is not answering his calls.

Bibi Jaan, on the other hand, is trying hard to convince Malik Jahanghir for Amber and Balaaj’s marriage but he strictly says that he does not want to listen to anything about this topic. Balaaj, on the other hand, brings a Qazi at that place and he puts Minhal at gunpoint to pressurize Hooriya so she can agree for the Nikkah. Even the Nikkah Khuwaa says that Nikkah could not take place in such a situation and Nikkah can never happen by force but Balaaj being a typical feudal does what he wants, poor Hooriya has no choice but to say yes, so Balaaj and Hooriya’s Nikkah takes place in such horrific situation.

Balaaj bring back the girls to the Haveli as soon as the Nikkah is performed. Girls were really terrified, Malik Wajahat wonders that are they okay? Mihal is crying badly and Hooriya just collapses. Minhal feels embarrassed that because of her Hooriya has to tie the knot with that horrible man. Hooriya makes her sure that she is her life and she cannot live without her so she has not done any favor to her sister but saved her own life. Hooriya tells Sayeda that she has been nikkahfied and now she has shackled in this house forever.

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Hooriya is being so helpless, she is prepared as a bride, clad in a bright red bridal dress-wearing typical jewellery, she is being shifted to Balaaj’s room. She is being forced to live for her whole life with a person she hates and now she has to share his room and his bed, the thought of it suffocates her. She starts throwing her bangles hysterically on the dressing table when Balaaj enters the room. Will Balaaj ever be able to win Hooriya’s heart?

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