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Malaal e yaar Episode 18 Review: Hooriya is not ready to accept Balaaj as her husband

Balaaj is trying his best to make Hooriya's life a hell!

Drama - Malaal e yaar Episode 18 Review

Malaal e Yaar is the drama serial which is depicting the feudalistic mindset, with its gripping plot and interesting characters, and now it is one of our most favorite prime time watches. The portrayal of Balaaj is the most interesting thing about this play and Zain Baig has brilliantly carried this role, in fact, we can stop ourselves from drooling over Balaaj’s macho feudalistic looks. Azeekha Daniel is too shinning out as Hooriya.

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The episode begins showing Hooriya in her bridal attire and she is throwing her jewellery in a hysterical manner when Balaaj enters into the room. He likes Hooriya too and he thinks that she is beautiful but he does not let it express he just used to say Sadkay! Anyway, the newlyweds have a very heated exchange of arguments. Hooriya expresses how much she hates him and she does not accept this forced marriage. Balaaj promises that he will change Hooriya into a new person whereas Hooriya vows that she will also try to change him to a person who will at least try to know himself and his own worth.


Amber is one of the most pathetic characters of this play, she even after knowing that Balaaj is married goes to his room and starts arguing that why he forcefully made Hooriya do the Nikkah well it seems like Balaaj is just trying only to make her feel better otherwise he would have said that Hooriya is her mung and he cannot let her go and moreover he likes Hooriya! But he lied that he did all this because Baba Sarkar has ordered this. Amber does not have a bit of self-respect that knowing that Balaaj is married she still goes to his room and argues on it well Hooriya finds them both talking but she does not have anything to do with that, she is upset because Balaaj is not letting her go to meet her mother. Hooriya taunts her that he has not seen mother’s love so he has no idea what a mother is on which seems like this comment has made Balaaj disturbed a little bit.


Faiq’s mother visits Minhal’s house and she comes to know about Hooriya’s marriage she is literally in state of shock. She congratulates Minhal but she does not seem to be happy. It is disturbing her so much so that she discusses all this with Faiq. Faiq calls Minhal and she shares with him all she has gone through with. Faiq is shocked and now he is worried about her. Amber on the other side has started to regret that why she had let down Faiq and how she has betrayed him for Balaaj.


Hooriya is totally broken after all this, she is not ready to accept Balaaj as her husband nor she wants to have any hopes for Danish. She knows that Danish’s chapter is now closed for her forever. She is also blaming her father for all this, she thinks that her father is equally responsible for this besides Taya Sarkar and Balaaj. This episode ends with when the maid comes and informs Hooriya that a guy by the name of Danish has come to meet her.

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