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Malaal e Yaar Episode-23 Review: Balaaj is honored with Dastaar, Hooriya has to put chappal on Balaaj’s feet

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial with its gripping plot and amazing characters, a very artful depiction of feudalism and the engaging storyline has made this serial our most favorite Prime Time Watch. The play is getting more and more interesting as the story proceeds. We are really enjoying Hooriya and Balaaj’s fights. Zain Baig and Azeekah Daniel’s onscreen chemistry looks so spot on!

The episode begins when Taya Sarkar is telling Balaaj that he will honor him with his Dastaar and now he will be proceeding Panchayat. Balaaj is reluctant to accept this, he says that he thinks it is Wajahat chachu’s right. Wajahat too hears all this. Malik Jahanghir is saying that he has always proved that he is my step brother. He cannot give this honor to a good for nothing person. This decision badly hurts  Malik Wajahat.


Balaaj is honored with the dastaar and Bibi Jaan is taking his sadka when Hooriya intervenes and she starts schooling Bibi Jaan with her bundle of advice but then Taya Sarkar orders Hooriya to put chappal on Balaaj’s feet. For that Hooriya has to kill her ego and her self respect and when she puts the chappal on his feet Balaaj taunts her that she should never forget her place which is here at the feet of her husband. She has to obey what he says. By doing so, has deeply hurt her.


Hooriya is not ready to accept this she tells Malik Balaaj that she will teach him a lesson, a lesson he badly needs. Balaaj is laughing off on her helplessness but then Hooriya comes up with a plan, she tries to be a very good girl in front of Bibi Jaan, Bibi Jaan also very lovingly wishes her all well, she says that she will iron Balaaj’s clothes but then she deliberately burns it to tease him and when he is making the fuss Bibi Jaan is taking Hooriya’s side.


Amber sees Faiq in the office of where he is the GM she gets impressed to see his changed status and now she is fully after him. Well, one wonders how come a fresh graduate has directly hired as the GM of the company such a huge leap in such a short span of time I mean Heathcliff took three long years to reach to the level of a gentleman! Anyways Amber calls Faiq at night and he rudely tells her that he cannot talk with her but pathetic Amber has no self-respect she calls him the next morning insisting him to meet and finally Faiq agrees to meet her.

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