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Malaal e Yaar Episode-25 Review: Minhal and Faiq engagement takes place

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial which is very artfully depicting the feudalistic mindset has on aired its another episode, this episode too was very engaging like before, the story is getting more and more interesting and intense. We are drooling over Zain Baig’s portrayal as Balaaj. Zain Baig and Azeekah Daniel’s onscreen chemistry is looking so perfect.

The episode begins when Amber is crying and telling her mother that nothing is going to change or improve. She is being one of the most pathetic characters with no self-respect. Hooriya on the other side is wondering why Faiq is talking with Amber or she is mistakenly assuming this? She is confused. Well, in one of the scenes we have seen Balaaj sleeping on the couch and she is on the bed, it looks so cute.


Amber still calls Faiq as she has no self respect but this time Faiq’s mother intervenes and snubs Amber and tells her not to call him again. She tells Faiq that now she wants an engagement ceremony. Surprisingly Taya Sarkar agrees on that and Minhal and Faiq engagement takes place. Amber must have seen that how happy Faiq is with Minhal. Taya Sarkar spoils happiness by his rude and bitter attitude. She says that engagement has no value on which Hooriya says that her engagement is given the status of Nikkah then why he is having double standards in Minhal’s case on which Balaaj snubs her for arguing with Baba Sarkar.


Balaaj goes after Hooriya in their house and they both start arguing loudly, Balaaj is angry that why she has misbehaved with Taya Sarkar while Hooriya stands still at her point that she has done the right thing. Balaaj is so furious that she tries to slap her but Danish intervenes and stops Balaaj by holding his hand on which Balaaj gets angrier and he is wondering that who is that guy? Danish has been the guest in the ceremony from Faiq’s side. Amber has seen all this scene.


Balaaj tries to investigate Hooriya that who that guy is? but she does not tell anything to him on which Balaaj says that he will find that out himself. Amber tries to cash this scene, by telling her mother about that guy on which her mother scolds her for saying such things and warns her not to tell any such thing to his father. Amber is still after Faiq, she goes to his office she has no little amount of self-respect left in her.

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