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Malaal e Yaar Episode-28 Review: Hooriya’s mother gains consciousness from coma

Hooriya's mother does not know anything about her marriage

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Malaal e yaar, the drama serial is one of our favorite watch of the week, the story of which has taken a very interesting turn, Hooriya and Minhal’s mother has gained consciousness from a prolonged coma. The plot is very brilliantly written and its execution is brilliant too. Azeekah Daniel is shining out in the drama with her incredible performance.

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The episode begins when Hooriya visits her mother and she is crying her heart out, begging her to open her eyes, as she is in the deep coma. Well, it seems a bit filmy that her hands start trembling and moving and Hooriya has noticed it, she gets excited and calls the doctor, who says that there is no progress and she does not have to panic. Minhal sees Faiq’s number on  Amber’s phone and there she gets confused that why he is calling her.


Hooriya and Minhal receive a call from the hospital that their mother has gained consciousness from a prolonged coma. It seems like a miracle. The girls are ecstatic and they share their happy news with their father and Syeda. Syeda is initially happy but later she realizes that now she will no longer see her daughters. Malik Jahanghir is angry as usual he orders that Samreen will not live in their Haveli, despite of Bibi jaan and Syeda’s insisting he has not moved a bit from his rigid decision.


Amber is so pathetic and cunning that she never ceases to cash any situation she calls Faiq and tells him that Samreen Chachi has gained consciousness and then starts teasing him that why Minhal has not shared this happy news with him, she does not give him any importance but it feels like this very stupid trick by Amber is working and Faiq really feels bad that why Minhal has not shared anything with him while he is ignoring the fact that what happened is a miracle and Minhal is definitely overwhelmed with happiness that she forgets to share it with him.


Hooriya’s mother has no idea about what happened, she does not know about Hooriya’s marriage at all. Doctors have told them not to give any stress to her at this stage. Hooriya asks his father not to come in front of her mother and also tells him that for sometime she will be living with her mother in their old house. She does not want to stress her mother. Will Balaaj let her live with her mother?

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