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Malaal e Yaar Episode-29 Review: Balaaj starts missing Hooriya

Balaaj gives Hooriya two days notice to come back

Malaal e Yaar Episode-30 ReviewIn this episode Balaaj comes to meet his Samreen chachi - OyeYeah

Malaal e Yaar, the play which depicts the feudalistic mindset is becoming a very interesting and engaging watch. The plot of the play is very gripping and the characters are very brilliantly crafted particularly the character portrayal of Balaaj is the best part of the play. Zain Baig is perfectly and brilliantly carrying the role of Balaaj. Azekah Daniel also portrays her role as Hooriya beautifully. 

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The episode begins when Hooriya and Minhal take their mother to their old house. Her mother says that it seems like they have not done any cleaning of the house. She is wondering what these girls did when she was in a coma? Balaaj is continuously calling Hooriya but she is not receiving his calls. Her mother inquires about who is that calling her. Then she also asks a lot about Danish, Hooriya and Minhal do not want to give her any shock or stress so they are still hiding the details from their mother and have not told her the truth yet.


Hooriya calls Balaaj and tells him that she cannot come because she has to take care of her mother. She this time pleads Balaaj to let her stay with her mother as she is not well and she needs her. Balaaj in his usual style gives her only two days and says that she wants her back after two days. Malik Jahangir is also creating a lot of fuss about Hooriya and Minhal living with her mother. Hooriya has to call Danish as her mother is asking about him.


Faiq is very upset about the fact that Minhal has not shared with him her biggest happiness. She calls Faiq when Hooriya tells her to do that and she is really very embarrassed that how come she forgets Faiq in such happening situation. Faiq shows that he has minded the fact that she has forgotten him in her happiness but then Minhal says very sweet stuff to him, she confesses her love, her true feelings to him which seems to have melted Faiq but he does not say anything instead he says bye.


Hooriya has finally told her mother that they lived with his father when she was in a coma. She gets alarmed and worried on hearing that. She tries to asks that if anything happened to them or anyone said anything to her especially Hooriya but she says all were good to her. Hooriya is still hiding about her marriage. Ghulam deen visits Samreen and tells her that Malik Wajahat is very concerned for her and he also suggests her kill her ego as life is short. It seems that it has convinced Samreen. Balaaj is kind of missing Hooriya and Bibi Jaan very sweetly taunts him for that, well Balaaj is not ready to accept the fact that he is in love with Hooriya but he is also getting lost in her memories and moments they have to spend together most of the time, fighting.

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