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Malaal e Yaar Episode-31 Review: Samreen comes to know about Hooriya’s marriage

Balaaj and Hooriya are getting close

Malaal e Yaar Episode-30 ReviewIn this episode Balaaj comes to meet his Samreen chachi - OyeYeah

Malaal e Yaar, the drama serial which is depicting the feudalistic mindset is becoming one of favourite serial with engaging content and interesting characters. The best thing about the play is the character portrayal of Malik Balaaj and in this episode, Balaaj and Hooriya are getting close and their onscreen chemistry is so lit.

The Episode begins when Balaaj is at Samreen place and Samreen very rudely and coldly behaves with him when he introduces himself to her, but he is been very respectful to her and he says that for him she is just as respectable as Bibi Jaan and despite her rude remarks about his blood and family he does not reveal that he is Hooriya’s husband. He cares what Hooriya says to him and he does not disclose anything and walks out of the house.


Faiq and his mother visit Samreen and she talks with him about Minhal’s marriage that she wants a date on which Samreen says that she will think to marry off both Hooriya and Minhal on the same date so she is waiting for Danish’s mother. Faiq’s mother has understood Samreen’s condition so she is quite but later Faiq insists Minhal on phone to tell her mother the truth as he wants to get married now. Well, the pathetic Amber is still after him.


Hooriya is buying vegetables when Danish tries to help her, at the same time Danish’s mother Rehana sees Danish talking with Hooriya and she gets so angry that she goes straight to Hooriya’s house and reveals the whole reality about Hooriya’s marriage to her mother in a very insulting manner. Samreen gets the shock of her life and she feels like she has lost her life battle of 20 years! She locks herself into the room and she is not opening the door.


Hooriya calls her father in panic, Malik Wajahat arrives with Malik Balaaj and Hooriya gets furious to see Balaaj. She starts blaming Balaaj for forcefully marrying her and her mother’s condition but Balaaj is not getting furious he is trying to calm her down. Hooriya is crying badly and she places her head on Balaaj’s chest and Balaaj loosely hugs her and says that everything will be okay. Malik Wajahat tells Samreen to come and live with him at his Haveli but she is not ready to accept this. Samreen gets so panicked and stressed that she starts getting hyper and faints eventually.

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