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Malaal e Yaar Episode-33 Review: Hooriya wants to bring change for the people

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial which perfectly depicts the feudal system and is one of the most engaging plays in the running season. This episode reflects how these feudal are least interested in bringing any change at all, they want to rule people by power. Balaaj and Hooriya are getting close. Balaaj’s heart is now getting soften for Hooriya and so is Hooriya’s.

The episode begins when Saeeda who is although disturbed by the fact that Wajahat loves Samreen, she is serving her the best. She is taking great care of her and there is a positive change in her condition and Saeeda is truly happy for her despite Bibi Jaan making her realize that what she will do when Samreen will get perfectly well? But Saeeda is taking care of her ignoring that fact and putting that thing on her destiny.


Balaaj and Hooriya are getting close to each other. Balaaj is looking at his album and was in a very touchy mood with tears in his eyes when Hooriya enters into the room and he suddenly tries to hide his album and goes out of the room. Hooriya finds out what he is trying to hide it was something about his parents, his mother. She remembers her rude words what she said to her that her mother is dead so he does not know anything about mother. Hooriya sincerely apologizes Balaaj for that.


Hooriya is disturbed to learn that her maid’s sister died giving birth to a child because there were no sufficient health facilities in their area. Hooriya makes up her mind she tries to ask Taya Sarkar to give her party ticket as she wants to stand for the elections and wants to work for the betterment of women of their area but Taya Sarkar being feudal is least interested in bringing any change and betterment for the people. All he wants is to rule people with might by making them scared. Balaaj also notices that Taya Sarkar is really rude with Wajahat chachu, his heart gets softened for him.


Amber is not getting slow she is so pathetic and literally she has no self respect at all, Faiq refuses to talk or meet her but she is still showing up, she has the audacity to go to his house! Faiq’s mother also snubs her for coming she clearly tells her that she does not want her to keep any relationship with her son but still she is after Faiq. She tries to trap Faiq’s mother by saying that she has accepted her fate all she wants is friendship but Faiq’s mother is not convinced she still remains cold with her. Minhal shares the news of Hooriya passing her exams to his father and Balaaj where Balaaj has shown no expression. He refuses to take the mithaee too.

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