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Malaal e Yaar Episode-34 Review: Hooriya and Balaaj starts loving each other presence

Malaal e yaar the drama serial is very artfully depicting the feudal system prevailing in our country where there is no place for women’s rights, they are merely treated like animals. They are not allowed to express their opinion and to show their reservations for marrying someone. Taya Sarkar is being portrayed as a prototype feudal. Hooriya and Balaaj are getting close to each other.

Balaaj and Hooriya are getting close to each other, although none of them expresses the feelings but yes it is true that both of them are now enjoying each other’s presence. Balaaj is getting fond of her wife and he wants her to come so he can look at her, he makes excuses for calling her. Balaaj tells Hooriya that he has brought Gajray for her which brightens her mood but then he tries to hide his feelings by saying that he bought those because he wanted to help the poor boy at the signal and he thought that he will give it her. It changes Hooriya’s mood he leave the Gajras and said that she does not want his favors. But then Balaaj says that he has brought them for her as a gift, it makes her happy and it has brought a big smile on her face.


A village girl one of Taya Sarkar’s servant daughter’s comes in Panchayat and asks for justice. Her father has fixed her wedding with an old man. The man is 30 years older than her but Taya Sarkar shows no mercy for that girl he says that once a girl’s marriage is fixed no one can break that except death. The girl is so desperate to get out of that situation that she says she wants to die but not to marry the man of her father’s age. Taya Sarkar orders to lock her up in the storeroom for days till she does not agree to marry the man his father has chosen for her.


Amber is not ready to give up on Faiq, he calls him and threatens him that she will tell Minhal about their relationship if he will not agree to meet her. Faiq comes to meet her in a cafe but his mood is not good he is not liking the fact that she is threatening her. Bibi Jaan is coincidentally doing shopping in the same mall she goes to the same cafe and there she finds Amber sitting with the Faiq in the Cafe. She gets very angry with Amber when she comes back home, she tries to warn her not to be with him as he is Minhal’s fiance.


Hooriya hears the screaming of a girl in the middle of the night. She is wondering who can it  be. She tries to search but she is not being allowed to go to some parts of the Haveli. She discusses it with Syeda but she clearly tells her not to poke her nose in Taya Sarkar’s affairs as it is a matter linked with him. Amber eventually succeeds in convincing her mother for Faiq and she despite of having reservations asks her to call Faiq home as she wants to talk with him.

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