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Malaal e Yaar Episode-37 Review: Hooriya feels liberated by helping out Bano

Minhal and Faiq's wedding preparations are going on in full swing.

Malaal e Yaar Episode-37 ReviewHooriya feels liberated by helping out Bano - OyeYeah News

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial which is reflecting the feudalistic mindset is one of our most favorite serials with a gripping plot and very interesting characters. The play is getting more and more interesting as the story proceeds. Azeekha Daniel and Zain Baig’s onscreen chemistry is so lit, we really love and wait for their scenes.

The episode begins when Balaaj and Hooriya are arguing on Bano. Balaaj is insisting that she should not poke her nose in Taya Sarkar’s affairs, it is his matter and she should stay away. Hooriya says that she will never let anyone do any injustice to Bano. Furthermore, she says that how come Balaaj will going to understand the severity of this issue as he himself does not think that forcing anyone for marriage is a crime. Balaaj says that he has not forced her he has married her because she is her mang and in their family customs Mangni has the status of Nikkah.


Hooriya makes up her mind to help out Bano and she makes a plan and for that she asks Danish for help. Danish agrees to help her out. Hooriya executes all his plan and in the middle of the night she helps in eloping Bano and Waseem together by opening the lock of the back gate of the Haveli. By doing that Hooriya feels so good, she feels like she has liberated herself.


Hooriya fearlessly confesses to Bibi Jaan that she has helped Bano in eloping and she will also  face Taya Sarkar alone but Bibi Jaan very wisely handles the situation like an elder she says that she will herself handle this situation nor she will or Hooriya or anyone will be going to tell Taya Sarkar that Hooriya is done that, they will tell him that they do not know what happened and where she has gone. By doing that Bibi Jaan saves Hooriya from getting into big trouble.


Bibi jaan tells Faiq’s mother that she wants Faiq and Minhal’s wedding to take place as soon as possible. Faiq’s mother is more than happy to hear this. Minhal and Faiq’s wedding preparations are going and Minhal is busy in her wedding shopping. The cheap and pathetic Amber has not given up on Faiq yet. She goes at the office and tells the receptionist that her name is Minhal. Faiq calls her at the office on hearing Minhal’s name but he gets mad when he sees Amber he clearly tells her that she is being cheap and also that he does not want to see her again. Amber gets angry and challenges him that she will not let his marriage happen.

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