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Malaal e Yaar Episode 38 Review: Hooriya’s heart starts beating for Balaaj

One of our most favorite drama serial Malaal e Yaar, despite having on aired 38 Episodes of this play the story has not dragged for a  bit, in fact, it is getting more and more intense and interesting. We are simply in love with Balaaj and Hooriya’s scenes. Their onscreen chemistry is so lit!

The episode begins when Taya Sarkar is having a very heated argument with someone, who has betrayed him and now he wants him dead, he asks Balaaj to kill that person but Hooriya stops him to take his pistol she tells him that he has no value in her life and also that she does not care about what he says. After a lot of inner struggle Balaaj leaves that pistol at the bed and leaves home without any weapon. Hooriya returns and sees the pistol on the bed, it brings a huge smile on her face.


Minhal and Faiq are doing their wedding shopping together when Amber and her friend sees them. Amber and Faiq’s mutual friend says hi and asks Faiq about Minhal. Faiq introduces Minhal as her fiance. Minhal finds it so strange that Amber and Faiq have a mutual friend and that they were in the same University but nor Faiq or Amber has ever told her that they already know each other. When Minhal tries to express her reservations on this matter, Faiq accuses her of being over suspicious. Minhal is so innocent that she brushes off all such thoughts and clears up her mind and heart for Faiq.


Hooriya is getting worried that Balaaj has not returned home and it has been so late. Bibi Jaan says that she is really happy to see Hooriya getting worried about Balaaj. Bibi Jaan receives a call by Ghulam Uddin that Balaaj gets shot. Hooriya and Bibi Jaan are extremely worried to hear this news. Fortunately, Balaaj gets shot at his arm and he is saved but he tells Hooriya that he got this shot because of her because she has asked her to leave the pistol. Hooriya is really worried about Balaaj.


Hooriya takes care of Balaaj for the whole night, her heart starts beating for him. She is on his side the whole night taking great care of him. The next day Balaaj finds her sleeping near his legs side,  placing her head on the bed while sitting on the floor it seems that she has spent the whole night taking care of him. Hooriya’s mother comes to see Balaaj and she asks him to take great care of him as he has now her daughter’s responsibility. Balaaj taunts Hooriya that it seems that she has fallen in love with him on which she pretends that she has done that for humanity but in reality, her heart is melting for Balaaj but she pretends that she has not forgotten that their marriage is forced.

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