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Malaal e yaar Episode 39 Review: Hooriya is from head to toe in love with Balaaj

Balaaj saves Hooriya from Taya Sarkar's wrath


Malaal e Yaar drama serial depicts the feudalistic mindset prevailing in our society very artfully. The way the woman is treated in such a mindset is also portrayed well in the play but in this episode, Balaaj goes against his Taya Sarkar in saving his love, he fearlessly takes his wife’s side and this act has won Hooriya’s heart. She is very much in love with him.

At the beginning of the episode, Hooriya is reminding herself that she cannot love Balaaj, she will never let herself love him, she will always remind her that he has forcefully married her. On the other side Balaaj feels very bad and disturbed by what Hooriya is said to him, he is so frustrated that he badly snubs a maid and throws his meal but he never dares to say anything bad to Hooriya.


Pathetic Amber is such a vile character that she cannot see Minhal and Hooriya’s happiness. She gets mad when Minhal’s wedding date is getting fixed. She makes up her mind to spoil their happiness. She is so vile that she tells his father that Hooriya is behind Bano’s elopement. Taya Sarkar is extremely furious on it and on top of it Hooriya admits it fearlessly which is making him even more furious he orders that Hooriya will be locked similarly like Bano but then Balaaj intervenes and says that he cannot let any such thing happen to his wife. She is his wife. By saying that Balaaj has won Hooriya’s heart.


Yes, Hooriya admits that she is from head to toe is in love with Balaaj. For the very first time, she is feeling proud of Balaaj. Balaaj is taking Taya Sarkar’s wrath just because of her. She expresses her feelings with Balaaj, appreciates him and says that he is a good man. Balaaj is really happy to see that Hooriya is impressed. He says that he is feeling strange happiness in doing this but yes it is true that it is for the very first time he is standing against Taya Sarkar.


Taya Sarkar is so furious that for the very first time Balaaj is standing against him just because of his wife. He is now even more furious on Hooriya, he feels like he is losing his hold and he needs to stay firm. Bibi Jaan scolds Amber for creating such drama, she knows that it is Amber who has told Malik Jahanghir about Hooriya and Bano. She says that she has done so bad, for the very first time Balaaj is standing against his Taya Sarkar and he has done that in love. She wishes that nothing bad happens with Balaaj and Hooriya but Amber is so vile that she ill wishes for them.

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