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Malaal e Yaar Episode-43 Review: Faiq survives, Samreen is killed in the attack plotted by Taya Sarkar

Balaaj stands against Taya Sarkar for this brutality


Malaal e Yaar the drama serial on airing on HUM TV has now taken a very tragic turn, the play is showing a true picture of how in a feudal system, instead of working and helping poor, feudal lords kill someone within their family brutally and then use his or her murder for their own benefit using it as a sympathy card in the elections. This is what Malik Jahangir has done in this episode, he has planned to kill Faiq but killers mistakenly kill Samreen and now Malik Jahangir is using her death in his own favor.

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The episode begins when Balaaj is arguing with Taya Sarkar, he is not in favor of killing Faiq but Taya Sarkar very cunningly tries to use his Ghairat card in front of him. Well Balaaj is not even convinced with this Ghairaat logic too as he cannot convince himself that Faiq is that kind of guy which his Taya Sarkar is trying to portray him. He is very disturbed and Hooriya asks him too that why he seems so disturbed he lies that he is worried about his property matters.


Taya Sarkar plans Faiq’s murder, by killing him he will achieve two of his goals, which will satisfy his false ego which got hurt by Faiq’s refusal and by killing him he will be punishing him for that. Secondly, he wants to cash his death as a sympathy card to earn votes in elections. He sends Balaaj somewhere and asks Hooriya to call Faiq to take Samreen Chachi to the hospital and he has then planned to kill him. He has talked with the killers.


Well, one wonders that it is supposed to be a task of target killing then why those men try to act as if they were snatchers and why they have not killed Faiq who suppose to be their actual target after killing Samreen? How come not for a single second Faiq has realized that it might be an attack from Malik Jahangir as he has dared to say no to him. Minhal and Hooriya are grieving their mother’s death. Minhal gets fainted with the shock and grieve, and pathetic Amber is so mean and vile that she is even rolling her eyes on them even at this time. Faiq is blaming himself that why he resisted and Samreen aunty got killed instead of him.


Malik Jahangir is cashing Samreen’s death now he tries to portray in front of Police that he does not want investigations in this regard and also that he has forgiven their culprit who he says that are their opponents because he wants peace in his region. He is actually trying to play his sympathy card but Balaaj is hearing all this and he is feeling disgusted. He speaks up against his Taya Sarkar once again for his brutality, he says that he is cashing Samreen chachi’s death for his own political favors, instead of helping and serving people! Taya Sarkar tries to convince that he did not want to kill Samreen he wanted to kill Faiq on which Balaaj says killing Faiq is not even the right thing! taking someone’s life is not good. Balaaj is changing and it seems that he is going against his own Taya Sarkar.

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