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Malaal e Yaar Episode-44 Review: Amber is plotting against Hooriya and dragging Danish into it!

Balaaj is feeling very guilty to be part of Taya Sarkar's activities

Malaal e Yaar Episode-44 ReviewIn this episode Amber is plotting against Hooriya and dragging Danish into it - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial based on feudalism and feudalistic mindset running on HUM TV is one engaging drama serial. The play is getting more and more intense and tragic since Samreen’s death in the last episode. Balaaj is feeling extremely guilty though he is not the one who killed Hooriya’s mother, he knew about the plan and now he is distancing himself from Taya Sarkar.

Hooriya is crying her heart out in front of Balaaj about her loss and she is begging Balaaj to bring the culprit in front of her which is disturbing Balaaj even more. He is feeling very guilty to be part of Taya Sarkar’s plan that is why he is now keeping a distance with him. On the other hand, Malik Wajahat is also wondering that how come any looter has the audacity to attack their car especially in Taya Sarkar’s territory he is sensing that there is something fishy.


Bibi Jaan is one kind heart lady she has developed a soft corner for the girls but Amber is just like her father mean and vile. Bibi Jaan tells Amber that she should go and console her cousins they are her sisters and they are passing through the trauma of their mother’s death but all her mother’s advice could not soften mean Amber’s heart she is still carrying poison for them while Bibi Jan has tried her best to convince her to be a good girl and console her cousins.


Amber goes on her mother’s advice but hears Hooriya talking with Danish on the phone and there the pathetic and vile Amber thinks of plotting against that poor grieved cousin of hers, not for a single second she has thought that she is already passing such traumatic situation and her actual rivalry is with Minhal then why she is after Hooriya and plotting to vilify her character. Amber by trick asks for Hooriya’s phone and there she takes Danish number and calls him.


Well, it is so naive and stupid of Danish that he should have been careful that why someone else has called him and the girl has not yet revealed her identity to him then why he is so stupid that he has shared with her that yes he loves Hooriya knowing that she is now married and also that she has a problematic and a conservative family. Hooriya, on the other hand, is extremely happy with Balaaj and Danish is continuously calling her which is annoying Hooriya and she is continuously ignoring it, well it is a big signal for that stupid Danish that Hooriya is not interested in him.

There is more to come and we are waiting for the next episode

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