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Malaal e Yaar Episode 47 and 48 Review: Amber successfully ruins Minhal’s reputation

Danish fully aids Amber in her idiotic malicious plotting


Malaal e Yaar the drama serial running on HUM TV is one of the most engaging play. The play is getting more and more intense, as well as depressing as Amber is successful in her malicious plotting against Minhal and stupid Danish is fully aiding her in all her planning how can he be so mean and insensitive that he is not for a single moment thinking that he is ruining Minhal’s life and reputation.

Amber plans with Danish to stop Faiq from coming to Mayon then she changes the plan when Baba Sarkar orders that Faiq is not going to attend this ritual. Amber tells Danish to change the strategy and this time she tells him to convince Faiq to go against all odds to meet Minhal and Faiq is being shown so naively and stupid that he is even considering that stupid advice of Danish and his friend.


Minhal calls Balaaj, and calls him Bhai and this has melted Balaaj’s heart for her as he calls her back guriya. Minhal tells him that Hooriya loves only him and it is true that Danish lived in their old neighborhood and he is like a friend and nothing else. Her mother has fixed their engagement but now it’s all past Hooriya only loves him. Balaaj believes with Minhal says to him and he clears his heart for Hooriya.

Hooriya feels great when Balaaj praises her, she says that all her attempts of giving clarifications go vain as he has only believed when Minhal has told him. Balaaj in a very cute way tells her that Hooriya I’m so sorry. Hooriya is delighted to see that Balaaj is back in his normal way and now his heart is cleared from all doubts. Well, it seems like play is a bit dragged and unnecessarily stretched. Minhal’s Mayon rituals go smoothly and then she goes back to her room.


Minhal gets Faiq call who is insisting that he wants to come and meet her, Minhal tells her that he should not on which Amber intervenes and tries to be very nice and convinces her to meet Faiq. It is shown so stupid that Amber is never been her well-wisher and she always been rude to her now how can she trust her in such a sensitive situation. Faiq comes and meets her in the room and Hooriya catches them but she gets nervous it seems that she is herself not believing her sister otherwise when Bibi Jan comes she should have tried to hide Faiq in the washroom and then let him escape through a back door but Hooriya has not tried.


Taya Sarkar creates a lot of drama out of that incident, he shames Malik Wajahat that her daughter has defamed him and his character. Taya Sarakar is taking it as a matter of honour and his ego issue. Well not for a single moment Minhal has realized that this whole drama is created by Amber because it was her who insisted her to meet Faiq! The play has too many loopholes. It is so evident for any person to figure out that Amber has plotted all this but Minhal is shown very naive. Her reputation is ruined and now maybe Taya Sarkar is going to call off her wedding.

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