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Malaal e Yaar Episode 5 Review: Balaaj agrees on Amber’s proposal

Malal-e Yaar, the drama serial running on HUM TV caught our attention with its interesting story and amazing performances. Here, we can see the amazing Zain Baig  in a very unusual and different role, different from what he has done before. Zain Baig portrays a typical ill mannered and rowdy feudal for whom his ego and family honor is most important. The play has been penned down by Hina Huma Nafees and is well helmed by Asad Jabbal. The drama is full of impressive performances by Jahenzeb Gurchani, Seemi Pasha, Zain Baig and Azeka Daniel.

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So what went on in Malaal e Yaar this week?

Amber’s mother breaks the news to Amber that she and her father have fixed her wedding with Balaaj! Amber is shock because she very well knows that if this decision has been made by her father then it can never be changed. Still she musters some courage and talks with her mother about the class fellow she likes and pleads her mother to do something for her and talk about him to her father which means nothing less than calling for a war.


Well just before Amber discusses Faiq with her mother, Amber’s father and mother calls Balaaj into their room and tell him about the proposal saying that he has all rights to accept or reject as his wish is most important to them. Balaaj very obediently accepts their proposal by saying that they both are like parents to him and whatever they say and think is his obligation to fulfill.


Hooriya and Danish’s relationship is also getting affected by Danish’s mother’s attitude and her hatred for Hooriya. Despite of Danish’s effort to settle the things he fails to convince his mother and Hooriya. In fact Hooriya tells him that she does not want his mother to feel like she has snatched him from her, and for him his mother should be his first priority. She tells Danish to forget her and that is what Danish does. He talks with his mother saying that Hooriya has told him to leave her for his mother and for now he will follow whatever she will say and will marry wherever she will say. Danish’s mother is super shocked to hear that well we are guessing that it will going to melt her heart for Hooriya.


Well Wajahat on the other hand is still worried about his daughters as through the servant he gets to learn that his elder brother is searching for his daughters. Amber on the other hand is trying hard to convince her mother to talk with her dad for Faiq. Wajahat catches Amber hanging out with Faiq and he tries to convince her that she should forget about him as her father will never accept Faiq nor will she ever adjust in their middle class environment. The episode ends when Amber’s mother agrees that she will talk about Faiq with her dad but she has one condition! And here we are  wondering what condition is it going to be?

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