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Malaal e Yaar Episode 51 and 52 Review: Karma is hitting Amber hard!

Amber accidently pushes Bibi Jaan from stairs

Malaal e Yaar Episode 51 and 52 ReviewIn this episode Karma is hitting Amber hard - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum Tv’s Malaal e yaar drama serial has the longest airing time, it has reached till 52nd episode, but still, the story of the play has not dragged, it is as engaging as before and is getting even more intense and interesting. Azeekah Daniel and Zain Baiq both are shinning out in this play. It seems that play is now moving towards its climax.

Minhal’s world seems upside down when Taya Sarkar orders to marry her off to someone he has chosen for her, he is his acquaintance, a divorcee. Minhal literally begs her father and stepmother not to marry her off, she says that she will stay single and will serve her father and Taya all her life but she cannot marry a stranger. Saeeda wisely plays her role as a stepmother, she with a  very wise choice of words asks Malik Sarkar to grant her a favor as she is asking him for the very first time. Saeeda’s way of asking melts Malik Sarkar’s heart and he agrees for Faiq and Minhal’s wedding.


Amber is happy to know that Minhal’s wedding has been called off but the news of Malik Sarkar eventually agreeing on Faiq and Minhal’s wedding hits Amber like a thunderbolt. She is literally freaking out, it seems like all her plotting has gone vain. She calls Danish and desperately asks him for help, Danish is a bit reluctant but he tries his best to arrange for Faiq’s abduction but he fails to arrange moreover, Faiq’s mother acts wisely she turns off Faiq’s mobile to avoid any trouble.


Amber is so vile that she is not giving up that easily, she tries her best to call Faiq but his phone is turned off. It seems like Faiq and Minhal are destined to be together. Her evil mind plans another malicious plan she sends all of Faiq and her good old days’ sweet snaps to Minhal on WhatsApp and she has somehow been successful in ruining Minhal’s wedding night. She clearly tells Faiq that he has lied to her and now she cannot trust him anymore.


Faiq very wisely handles this situation, he accepts that he has wronged her for not sharing about Amber but it was his past, he has moved on and he now truly loves her. She tells him that he is her only hope and she will die if he ever thinks of betraying her. Finally, Faiq and Minhal get back in romantic mood and things get settled between them. Amber cannot bear Hooriya and Minhal’s happiness, she is extremely angry to see her mother helping out Hooriya and Minhal and being nice to them. She blames her mother for not loving her, she freaks out and accidentally in a fit of anger she pushes her mother from the stairs. It seems that now Karma is hitting Amber hard.

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