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Malaal e Yaar Episode-53 Review: Taya Sarkar’s ugly reality is revealed in front of Hooriya

Danish confess his sin in front of Hooriya

Malaal e Yaar Episode-53 ReviewIn this episode Taya Sarkar's ugly reality is revealed in front of Hooriya - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Malaal e Yaar, one of the most longest-running drama serials on Hum TV these days is now coming towards its end. And the latest was its second last episode,  full of revelations for Hooriya. Karma is biting Amber hard as she herself kills her own mother in her fit of anger as she lost her temper. Azeekah Daniel and Zain Baig both are shinning out in this play and we are in love with their onscreen chemistry.

Amber in her fit of anger pushes her own mother and who fells off of the stairs and dies at the spot, leaving everyone grieving. Amber is now tasting her own medicine she has completely lost her mind but she knows that she herself has killed her own mother. This guilt is now not letting her live. Moreover, doctors also recommend to admit her to a mental hospital. Amber is simply reaping what she has sown. Karma is for real!


Danish also got to know about Bibi Jaan’s death and he also starts feeling guilty over his conduct, he makes his mind to confess all of his sins in front of Hooriya. Danish calls Hooriya and tells her all about what he and Amber has done together, how both of them tried to ruin Hooriya and Balaaj’s relationship and how they have created hurdles in way of Minhal and Faiq’s wedding. Hooriya is literally hurt and shocked to know that, she cannot believe this, she scolds Danish and says that she is happy that he is not in her life as he does not deserve her. Hooriya further says that she does not want to see his face again. After hearing all this,  Danish attempts suicide.


Hooriya and Balaaj’s romantic relationship is going smooth. Balaaj from head to toe is in love with Hooriya. Then out of no where the eloped couple, son of Ghulam Deen is shown in this episode. The couple is living a happy married life but then Taya Sarkar’s goons are following the couple and eventually they killed the couple on Taya Sarkar’s orders, he is not realizing the fact that his father has served him for his life. He killed him just to satisfy his false ego.


Hooriya noticed Ghulam Deen’s absence from Haveli, she asks Balaaj about his absence, he tells her that he is not well. Hooriya pays him a visit and there she gets to know that Taya Sarkar has actually killed his son and daughter in law. She is shocked and heartbroken but then Ghulam Deen also reveals another secret, he tells her that Taya Sarkar’s goons are also behind her mother’s murder. Hooriya is extremely shocked! This episode leaves us wondering will she able to take her mother’s death revenge from Taya Sarkar?

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